This review is to do with the iPad casing created by Apple and is basically their in-house official recommended iPad casing. It is one of the pricier casings out there on the market, and has had polarized reception.

Much of the furore has come about due to the high price of the casing, sitting in at USD 39 which is in the upper mid range of iPad casings. If you look at their online shop, it has at the time of writing 625 reviews in so short a time, that ends up giving it one star short of full marks that is the 5 stars. It puts it about the same as most run of the mill cases, but below some more expensive cases. There are some more expensive case that receives lower scores.

The apple iPad case is supposedly made of soft microfiber interior encased with reinforced panels to protect its contents. It is rather light and doesn't really add a noticeable difference to the already heavier than expected iPad.

On to the good stuff
The reason why you would want to buy this case is probably for the landscape format, and if you had bought this earlier, because it was one out of only 5 cases in the market. Now there is a lot more competition. That said, the case decently protects the iPad but you must buy your own screen protector, as there is none included. The landscape mode is rather good and is a solid platform, great if you intend to watch lots of videos onthe apple iPad. Another thing you might want it for is the subtle Apple logo on the front, immediately identifying the bulky concoction you are carrying for other people.

And the bad:
The thing about this case is that although it is entirely in matte black, the material they used for it is a furry shine, that somehow attracts a heap load of marks from dust to scuffs and even sometimes your own fingerprints. As a result it ends up looking quite a bit grungy. The material will be a hit or miss with you. Another bad thing is the uncomfortable edges lining the iPad which I doubt has a sound design explanation. The thin edges around the ends can make it hard to hold for an extended period. The case also rules out using most of the docks available. The snug fit can also be difficult for some people to understand the technique, which could have been provided with a manual. As a result users have made their own youtube video to show how to insert the iPad in. Lacking the ability for a portrait standing also hampers its value.

To end it with a conclusion, you might find the Incase Convertible Book Jacket also available on the istore a better pick at 20 more dollars but the ability to have a vertical stand. The reasoning is that if you were in the market for a cheaper pad, there are much more no frills simple protection cases equivalent around that merely fetches away 10 to 20 greens from your pockets. Most people would get the official ipad case for the apple brand affiliation, or the stand, the latter of which the convertible formats are more flexible.