For most of us, our new ipad was a large investment. By the time the sticker shock hit we were unable to handle any more expenses to our big purchase item. Even the simple question from the salesperson, "Would you like a screen protector for ipad?" was too much to handle. However, once you scratch your first screen you are going to wish you made the relatively small investment of some ipad screen protectors or even a hard case.

A good ipad screen protector kit may include a number of removable screens that help reduce glare, a reusable cleaning cloth, a proper electronic cleaning spray, and a store kit to hold all of your ipad screen protector items. Cheaper kits often require that you cut your own screen protector for ipad from a general sheet. I do not recommend this option because few of us will cut a clean enough sheet to cover our ipad completely or we cut it too long and that edge will be more likely to let dirt and moisture under the screen.

ipad screen protectorWhen applying your screen protector for ipad ensure your ipad screen is thoroughly cleaned and dry. Trapping contaminants under your screen will damage your ipad screen faster than regular wear because of the constant contact with your screen. If you notice any foreign objects under your screen do not hesitate to change your screen out with a new one.

Some people believe that a hard carrying case is a good alternative to using a screen protector. While more convenient you face the same issue of keeping the hard carrying case clean as you do keeping your pocket clean or any other area you keep you ipad. Eventually dirt or water will get in your hard carrying case and rub on your screen leaving you wishing you had applied the screen protector for ipad.

Ultimately you have to be careful what type of iPad screen protector you choose, to be sure you're getting the one without adhesive that remains on the screen of the iPad upon removal of the screen protector, as you all know you'll have to replace it at some point in time, when it becomes too scratched and you can't see the screen because of all those screen reflections, especially in direct sun light. You'll find out the right model by looking into the specs sheet and by reading customers reviews, one of the best sources of information available.