When it comes to iPad word processing, there are few things more helpful than a real keyboard. There are lots of mini-keyboard cases available out there, but the size of those keyboards leave a lot to be desired for pure word processing productivity. Their cramped keys make typing a chore. Why not roll with a full-sized keyboard and a nifty way to make it portable and incredibly usable, as close to a laptop as it can be? Read on to learn how.

Incase origami workstationTo turn your iPad into a legitimate word processing laptop competitor, steer clear of those cramped keyboard cases. Opt for Apple's standard wireless keyboard and pair it with an origami case specifically made to protect the keyboard and easily convert into a terrific iPad stand, like Incase's Origami Workstation. There are many other standard-sized Bluetooth keyboard solutions and keyboard cases out there that can function too, but this pairing has some major usability and portability benefits for on-the-go word processing:

Apple's standard keyboard is more portable

It's slightly shorter than may other standard Bluetooth keyboards on the market, so it will take up less room in your bag. Yet, the keys are spaced like any other standard keyboard for comfort. Both are big pluses for using this solution on a daily basis.

It's light weight

This keyboard and case combo can easily slip into your carry-on and live there without you noticing the weight. This is especially great for traveling. The full weight of the case, keyboard, and iPad is definitely much less than that four pound laptop you are thinking about taking with you.

Origami cases protect the keyboard and easily convert into a stand

These cases are especially gifted in transforming from a protective cover for the keyboard into an iPad stand that both secures the keyboard and places the iPad screen at the perfect laptop angle for word processing. All it takes is a couple of folds, just like Origami, and your iPad and keyboard are ready for work!

Apple's keyboard keys have the perfect amount of give

Apple wireless keyboardThere are a lot of portable keyboards out there that have keys which either feel too mushy or too stiff in their pressing, but not Apple's keyboard. It's the same keyboard that's shipped with their desktops, so you know that lots of research has gone into its making and that the build is quality. It's a keyboard that feels great, even for prolonged typing.

Lots of the function and shortcut keys work quite well

The iPad responds perfectly to the Apple keyboard's function keys that control brightness, volume, and even playing and pausing your audio media. Copy, paste, and quite a few other keyboard shortcuts also work as they should. In terms of word processing, there's little that you can't do with this pairing.

Yes, the iPad is no laptop, but for basic word processing and emails it performs amazingly well with a keyboard. If your needs go no farther than this, then leave the laptop at home and use this excellent case and keyboard pairing for the best in iPad word processing. It definitely makes a great travel or vacation solution to slim down the amount of tech gadgets you need to carry with you.

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