iPad for travelCredit: Sean MacEnteeFor me the perfect thing to take on vacation is something that lets me leave even more at home. With that in mind an iPad, or similar tablet device, is the perfect travel accessory. The following might sound a little like a features list for the iPad, but if you really use your iPad to the fullest you can save a ton of space and be able to travel with more convenience.


All trips begin with travel, be it by train, plane, or automobile. I, like a lot of people, don’t mind passing some of that time watching movies or tv episodes. An iPad is a great solution for this, it is more convenient than a laptop, and far better than a portable DVD player. The screen size is better than trying to watch the latest box office hit on your smartphone’s screen. You can load up several movies to watch and you’ve got hours of battery life to enjoy a couple of movies.


Books are another great way to pass the time, or read as you soak up all that an Italian piazza has to offer. Either way you can load up more choices than you could ever read on an iPad. You’ll never run out of choices and you won’t have to lug around a couple of heavy, bulky books just to get your read on. A good book to have on your iPad might be a travel guide for the place you are visiting.

If books aren’t really your thing you can also load up magazines and newspapers to read will you travel.


You can have hours of music, audiobooks, audio travel guides, or podcast all on your iPad. All things you might want to listen to while traveling. They would take up a lot of room if you tried to bring them all separately, remember those big cd cases?


You can have Google Maps, or any other map app you can find. You can have offline navigation with gps in a foreign country so that you can easily navigate their picturesque countryside, and find your way to the top tourist sites. With the help of gps an iPad is a navigating machine that will out do an old paper map any day of the week.

Travel Guide Apps

As I have already mentioned you can download a travel guide-book to your iPad, but you can also get lots of travel guide apps. You can find travel apps for specific countries, or even cities. Sometimes these apps are more interactive, and can have really good detailed information on the places you are visiting.

Other Travel Apps

You can find yourself some other great travel related apps other than travel guides. You can get apps for the local mass transit, apps for the best local restaurants and sights, apps to find hotels, and so on. These are the sort of apps you don’t need, but that are extremely helpful when traveling without much of a plan.

For example you can also grab yourself a good translation app so that you’ll have no problem communicating in any language.


Yet another thing an iPad can stand in for is a camera. For those who just want to point and shoot an iPad is perfect for the job. You can take both still images, and video with an iPad. A great thing about shooting with an iPad is the you get an enormous preview while you are shooting. Also, if you are able to connect to the internet while you’re traveling you can back up all of your images and video to the internet so you don’t ever have to worry about losing them.

Most of these things you can do offline without any data connection at all. Some need at least wifi, and depending on the apps you download they may need a data connection. Make sure you do some research on data charges, and if your device is compatible with the networks were you are traveling. When in doubt buy apps that can run completely offline.

To recap you can leave your laptop, your portable dvd player, your iPod, your books, your travel guide, your maps, and your camera all at home. Not to mention the benefit of all the other apps you can install on an iPad.

So the next time you go on vacation, don’t leave your iPad at home, leave a bunch of other stuff instead. If you don’t have an iPad you might consider getting one; they are pretty handy, and will save you a ton of space on your next trip.

Let me know what else you can replace with your iPad while you’re traveling in the comments below.