iPhone 3GS 32GB is a stunning gadget that it becomes a head turner due to its dazzling exterior. It is efficiently created, with a weight of 135 grams and measurement of 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm. Apart from it, iPhone 3GS 32GB has a 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen which makes this smartphone even more impressive. iPhone fanatics will surely be amazed with its 480 x 320 pixels screen resolution as well as the oleophobic coating that makes the device scratch-resistant. Its durability and incredible features will never be questioned. The proximity sensor for automatic turn-off, multi-touch input approach, and accelerometer sensor for automatic rotation boost the usability of this mobile phone.

Other Features of iPhone 3GS 32GB

iPhone 3GS 32GB has a camera with 3 megapixels, thus enabling you to store and share photos in vivid colors. It has an automatic focus technique as you geo-tag, and its touch focus adds to the power of this smartphone. In addition, the lens of the camera has a wonderful video recording capability; you can do a VGA video recording at 30 frames for every second, plus it gives you the option to geo-tag it as well. As for the entertainment, iPhone 3GS 32GB will not disappoint you when it comes to playing games, watching videos, and listening to your favorite music. iPhone 3GS 32GB has a music player and video player already incorporated in it that will keep you full with excellent music as well as provides you with the freedom to download and watch your most wanted videos. If you are into playing games, iPhone 3GS 32GB has a gaming option that can be downloaded along with the included motion-based games.

Protecting Your iPhone 3GS 32GB

Your iPhone 3GS 32GB is definitely not cheap, so you need to protect it and prolong its life for as long as you can. OtterBox Defender Case can definitely help you protect your precious mobile phone from possible accidents or disasters. It gives you an entirely interactive casing which lets you access the buttons and touch screen without difficulty. In fact, you can even charge and synchronize your phone in the case. Whether you are a business pro, regular traveler, or simply an everyday user, this casing from OtterBox is perfect to give your most beloved gadget complete security.

It has 3 layers of drop, bump, and scratch protection. The first layer is a thermal-formed protective transparent film to keep the screen from getting dirt and scratches. The second layer is a high impact polycarbonate shell, while the third layer is a silicone skin that takes up shock and bump. It also has modern retaining features so it is held in place.

Features of OtterBox Defender Case

· Accommodates the third generation of iPhone
· Headphone jacks and charging and/or synchronization can be accessed easily
· Buttons are very much accessible
· Added bump, drop, and shock protection Added defense against drop, bump, and scratch
· Has a slim and sleek fit
· Camera, speakers, and microphone can be accessed easily
· It includes a swivel belt (holster style)
· The sound coming from your iPhone 3GS 32GB is transmitted even if it's in the case

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