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iPhone 4g To Hit Stores For Verizon 2/10/11

It has finally happened. AT&T will have to share its beloved iPhone 4G with Verizon. Much talked about over the last year or so, speculation to where apple would spread its iPhone joy too has finally come to an end. As of 2/10/11 the iPhone 4G will be available for use on "Americas most reliable network".

With potential customers being scared off by the iPhones awesome potential for dropping calls, Verizon has made sure to emphasize that its network has been tweaked and readied so that this will not ever be a problem, even with the huge influx of customers on its network once the iPhone releases on the 10th of next month. Verizon has been working hard with Apple on the CDMA iPhone since late 2008 testing it over a year pre launch. And since AT&T was the first to have the iPhone, Verizon has been able to sit back and learn from AT&T's mistakes. Their biggest preparation has been making sure that they left a huge enough margin within the network to cope with the huge influx of users on the network when the iPhone drops. On the hardware side, the Verizon iPhone will also come equipped with a brand new antenna, so that on the handheld side, no calls will be dropped because of where your grabbing your phone.


Verizons HotSync feature will allow you to become a mobile hot spot for up to 5 devices, which is a kick in the tooth to AT&T's tethering ability, which costs at least 40$ a month AND has been said to be very shaky. But its not all gravy for future Verizon iPhone owners: CDMA technology, has an interesting draw back, that counter acts a fundamental iPhone ability. Being able to talk on the phone and use the networks data. Simultaneously you will not be able to be on the phone, and pull up a map to see where something is while you give your friend directions. the CDMA chip in the new iPhone will the voice from data on Verizons network. As an iPhone user over the last 3 years, this is a massive draw back, because it is what the iPhone is all about.

Data Plan:

Where I think Verizon is going to win over most new customers is in the Data plan area. Where AT&T's most generous offering is at 25$ for 2gigs of data a month, Verizon will offer a completely unlimited plan for only 30$. This is enough for even me to switch directly over to Verizon as soon as i get the chance.

So, is it worth it? Well, the new iPhone 5 is supposed to be arriving in the summer, which is always a damper on peoples decision to buy a new phone especially when they know the new shiny one is around the corner. In my opinion, I would wait and see what Apple brings to the table for the iPhone 5. But with pricing and service to beat AT&T, i'd say the iPhone 4g for Verizon will be a mighty contender for AT&T to deal with.

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