Every new phone that makes its way out of the Apple stable garners a lot of interest among potential users. The latest phone 5 is no different. While more than 2 million phones were pre-sold during the first few hours of the pre-order period, the final verdict on the phone in hand is mixed.

There are a few highlights indeed such as the blazingly fast A6 chip that dwarfs the performance of the A5 chip of the phone 4S or that of the A4 chip of the iPhone 4, and the fact that the screen size is now 4” means it can display videos and images at 1136 x 640 resolution.

As an overall feeling, if you have the iPhone 4S stay put and don’t think about upgrading, unless you have a lot of money to spare. But if you want everything that the phone 4S offers but in a much more refined package, don’t think twice, just get it.

The Design

At 112 grams the  5 is the lightest ever. Also at 4.87” x 2.31” x 0.30” this is also the slimmest and tallest iPhone from the Apple stable. Apple has used the larger screen size judiciously and users can now expect a stunning 4” Retina display at the much higher resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels.

The Interface

The 5 now comes with the stunning and powerful iOS 6 operating system. While Android 4.1 JellyBean users will boast that their OS is the best in the business and we can go on debating over the same for days; there is no doubt though, that iOS 6 is a much more robust OS compared to iOS 5.

In the smart phone world LTE is generally enabled using two chips. Apple claims that instead of using two chips, one for voice and the other for data they have insisted on a single chip that brings all the functionalities of LTE to this phone.

Everything about the new phone is about precision designing. Even the head phones have not been spared. Named EarPods, the bud style head phones have been the result of testing countless designs (124 to be exact).


The older 30 pin connector port has been done away with. But even while Apple claims that has made the new phone slimmer, users are not pleased. They have now got to find a way to make old 30 pin accessories to work on the smaller port design of the 5 or buy new ones. Accessory manufacturers are not complaining.


Both iPhone 4S and 5 have Siri. If you really want to use the smart features and the convenience that it brings, then there is ample reason why you should upgrade from yo
ur phone 4. Siri has been further upgraded and refined in the iPhone 5.

The Camera

Both the phone 4S and the new iPhone 5 have an 8 megapixel iSight camera. This is much better than the phone 4 which had a 5 megapixels rear camera. Additionally both the iPhone 4S and 5 have face detection technology built-in to give proper exposure. This is again something that the phone 4 does not have.

The hybrid IR filter and the ability to create panorama shots are something again that the iPhone 4 misses out on. Another important thing is that the lens of both the newer models offers a maximum aperture of f/2.4. The older iPhone 4 has a maximum aperture of only f/2.8. While the iPhone 5 and 4S has Full HD video recording features the iPhone 4 can only record 720p HD videos.

The new iPhone 5 has a 1.2 megapixels camera which can record HD videos in 720p. The older models can only record VGA videos. Additionally the FaceTime camera (front facing camera) of the iPhone 5 has a backside illumination technology which should make it superior in low light conditions compared to the older models.

Overall the iPhone has a better chip performance, better display, better camera and a more refined operating system. If you are a serious mobile photography and videography enthusiast then the iPhone 5 is needless to say a better buy.