iPhone 4 Cover

An iPhone cover is what you should need to prevent your dear iPhone 4 from the usual wear and tear. The OtterBox Defender Case can be the right one for your smartphone as this iPhone cover contains three layers which will keep your smartphone from getting dust, bumps, and scratches. The only disadvantage, though, is that it is not waterproof.

OtterBox Defender Cases

OtterBox Defender Case is an iPhone cover casing which brings together the following:

* First layer:
Sheer protective membrane on your phone's screen
* Second layer:
Hi-impact polycarbonate shell
* Third layer:
Resilient silicone skin

Apart from those three protective layers, this iPhone cover also includes a transparent screen protector that is an essential for all smartphone users. Furthermore, it has a holster which is supported by a warranty of one year. This high-quality iPhone cover is not the most affordable casing available in the market today, but it is not the priciest one either.

OtterBox Defender iPhone Cover - Key Features

* The outside layer protects your phone against fingerprints
* The interior felt liner protects your gadget
* It has room for the majority of 3rd party chargers
* The rough silicone outside makes the grasping much better
* The revamped holster makes holding the device stronger
* The holster clutches your phone face in and/or face out. The former is more ideal to obtain the maximum protection level.
* The holster also serves as a platform for hands-free viewing of media
* The new material utilized for the touch screen casing gets rid of bubbles, oily appearance, and static

This iPhone cover is very popular for Amazon buyers, obtaining a standard rating of 4 stars out of over 500 reviews on the said website as well as a standard rating of 4 stars out of 31 evaluations on the OtterBox website. A smaller number of reviewers think that its quality is not as good as the iPhone cover for the 3G and 3GS, although nearly all the same critics testified that it provides excellent protective features than the other casings. Also one important thing to notice is that this model is available in a multitude of colors:

  • Black, Black /Pink
  • White/Pink
  • Red/ Black
  • Yellow/ Black
  • White/Purple
  • Pink and Black
  • White/ White
  • Blue

iPhone users should purchase this if they have little ones around the house; are on the lookout for the best protection that their iPhone 4 deserves; and have the tendency to be clumsy at all times. But for those who are looking for an iPhone cover that is waterproof and lightweight, then this one may not be for you. This casing is somewhat bulky because of the three protective layers.

Whether you spend a day or two at the beach or go on a hike or travel on a constant basis, OtterBox Defender iPhone 4 Case will surely be your smartphone's lifesaver. No matter how pricey your phone is, just a few small particles of sand is all it takes to destroy it completely. OtterBox Defender Case not only protects your dear mobile phone when it is accidentally dropped; it also helps defend it against moisture, dirt, and thick greasy substances. Gone are the days when you need to bring a zip lock plastic bag for your precious cell phone each time that you visit the beach. This amazing OtterBox Defender Case iPhone cover does everything for you to ensure your phone is always protected.