The iPhone 4 is not the first smart phone in the market. It isn't a revolutionary cellphone because it is the first of it's kind, it is revolutionary because it redefines the way we view and use smart phones. It isn't a matter of iPhone 4 vs iPhone 5, it's a matter of what phone works for you and why.

And while the iPhone features a full-length touch screen capability, its popularity goes far beyond the touch technology. There are a lot of mobile phones in the market that deviate from the traditional keypad input method. It’s the simple functionality of the touch technology that separates the iPhone from the rest. It has been rated as the most responsive among all phones using the touch technology. It also features a multi-touch function that allows the user not only to access applications easily but also zoom in on pictures, shuffle, edit and copy to your heart’s content.

The iPhone is also known for its simple yet elegant design. The iPhone 4, which was released two years ago redefined how mobile phones maximize the actual screen display. This design coupled with the slim and compact finish made the iPhone a phenomenal success among mobile phone users who are crazy about multi-media stuff and mobile internet surfing.

Prior to the launch of the iPad, the iPhone paved the way for the creation of thousands of applications that now exist in the iTunes universe. These applications range from games, information based, to problem solving products that make the user experience limited to only the functionality you personally add to the phone. While other smart phones use the Android as an operating system the iPhone used an Apple OS platform that enables it to run in an arguably more efficient manner.

The iPhone 4, of course is not a perfect gadget. It has also been plagued with a number of negative consumer reviews which range from its functionality to it’s specifications. One common criticism has been the slow evolution of the camera on the phone. While the entire market has been using 12MP camera the iPhone 4 was stuck at a 5MP integrated camera and only recently the iPhone 4S has gone to the latest standard in cellphone cameras. 1080p may be a little over kill, but it's nice to see Apple over achieving again.

Another concern that was raised was the quality of calls when the internal antenna of the iPhone encounters interference from the user when it is hand held when making phone calls. Of course, there is a substantial part of the population who cries foul over the exorbitant price of the product, but what can you do? Apple is capable of commanding a much higher price for its products and iPhone being one of their flagship gizmo is not any different.

If you think about it the iPhone when disintegrated would not have the best features as separate piece but once they are put together they create a worldwide phenomenon called iPhone cult and perhaps only apple fans can expound why. The release of every iPhone 4S has remained to be the most anticipated mobile phone release in history and to Apple and its millions of fans, that is simply because it is the best smart phone in the world.