Multitasking is something without which a Smartphone is incomplete. So with the increasing competition in the Smartphones market, this facet of technology is also being emphasized upon. The iPhone 4 multitasking feature is certainly very user-friendly and has been considerably improved as compared to the earlier versions.

Multitasking basically allows the users to perform several tasks at a time. When you are busy in a certain task, something else can still continue working in the background and you don’t need to be interrupted. For example, you can download an app in the background while messaging something. So the ability of multi tasking certainly enhances the work ability of a device. This is particularly important for those users who have to perform simultaneous jobs in a limited time.

This is also important from the perspective of an app developer. Multitasking facility gives a very simple user interface through which you can quickly switch between the applications. On iPhone4, you just need to press the home button after which all the recently used apps would be shown. You can scroll to the required app and start using it, without any need to load it again. This saves a considerable amount of time.

Another noteworthy feature of iPhone4 multitasking is the availability of folders. You can store up to twelve files in a single folder. This is quite a remarkable innovation since you won’t need to scroll multiple screens and instead would only go into the specific folder and choose from the applications categorized accordingly. With any application running, you can choose to have the task bar at the bottom of the page which can be used to switch between the applications frequently.

If you don’t need multitasking and want to concentrate on a single application for a while, you can choose to eliminate the task bar which would give your application the entire space of the screen. The ability of multi tasking is particularly useful for music fans. You can play music in the background while indulging in some other application or messaging. Good thing is that with a small widget, the music task bar can appear below the current application which means that you can start and pause the music as well as skip to the next track while using other applications.

Besides, whether you are playing games, reading the news or checking some map, you can stop the application right there and afterwards, start it from where you stopped. Another highly appreciated feature of iPhone 4 multitasking ability is the facility of VoIP call while engaging in other activities. Through Skype, you can initiate or listen to your VoIP call while reading a mail or a newspaper. Besides, you can also listen to the call even when the phone is locked.

The multitasking facility has also greatly enhanced the GPS application. With this application, your position would be automatically updated even when, on the front, you are playing games, watching movies or using any other application.

The multitasking facility provided in iPhone4 has considerably enhanced the power of the Smartphone which is already considered the best in the market. With such features, Apple clearly demonstrates that iPhone would stay the number one Smartphone for a long time.