Most iPhone 4 users know the basic functions of their phone, including how to zoom into different parts of a photo or webpage, make an emergency call without locking the phone and swipe the screen to cycle through photos. Despite the fact the phone only has four physical buttons, there are many tricks you can put to use to make using your iPhone 4 more a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Steady picture taking. Everyone has tried taking a picture with their phone only to have it turn out slightly blurry. This usually is the result of tapping the camera button on the bottom of the screen when the phone is in camera mode, which causes your hand to move slightly. To take pictures with a steady hand, plug the headset into the phone. If you press the pause button on the headset the camera will snap a photo while your hand that is holding it is steady.

Take a screenshot. Most iPhone 4 users don’t realize they can take a screenshot just like they can on a computer. All you have to do is click the circular home button on the bottom of the phone while you click the power/screen lock button on the top of the phone. The picture of your screen will automatically be saved to your photos.

Get rid of unwanted suggested words. If your phone suggests how to spell a word and you don’t want to use the suggestion, you do not need to tap the tiny “X” on the suggested word and risk accidentally tapping the suggested word. Instead, simply tap anywhere else on the screen to get rid of the suggested word, and then continue typing.

Type faster. Some people complain that the digital keyboard on their iPhone 4 is too small for their fingers, meaning they cannot type very quickly. Turning your phone on the side will significantly expand the size of the keyboard, meaning you can type faster without tapping the wrong keys.


Open the quick menu. Instead of closing the application you are using, then scrolling through the phone’s home screen until you find the folder with the next application you want to use and then finally tapping on the application’s icon, use the quick menu to access the applications you have recently used. All you have to do is quickly click the phone’s home button twice, which will open a small menu at the bottom of the screen. Swipe your finger along the bottom of the screen to cycle through the list and then tap the application you wish to open. When the menu first opens you can access the iPod control buttons simply by swiping your finger to the right.


Surf faster. You can surf to your favorite websites in Safari faster by not typing the entire web address. You can simply type the name of the website, leaving out the “www” and “.com” portion. Safari recognizes the website and will open it simply based on the name, saving you time.

Quickly scroll to the top of the page. In Safari and some other applications (such as Facebook) you can quickly scroll to the top of the page no matter how far down the page you have scrolled. All you need to do is tap the top of the application window, and your view will zip back up to the top in just one second.

Finally make sure you clear up your iPhone as often as possible. Even the best iphone deals leave you with tons of stuff on your phone you don’t need. You want to spend some time getting rid of all the additional apps you won’t be using and make sure you clean out your cache folders, your history, your old apps and all your unwanted data. This will boost your iPhones speed and performance considerably and is well worth doing on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.