iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks are perfect for any user of Apple's cool mobile phone. When it comes to making the most out of it you have to broaden your view to learn new things. Let's make sure you make use of some of the great possibilities which come with the iPhone 4!

iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks

Taking a Screenshot

iphone 4 tips and tricks: screenshotCredit: http://lostintechnology.comSometimes you just wish to share a great moment with other people. With the screenshot function this is possible, as easy as it gets. You only have to press the home button and the lock button and the current screen will be photographed! You can find the picture immediately in your camera roll.

One of the best tips over here is to edit your screenshot afterwards on the computer using a new program called Skitch. Skitch is a edit program which allows you to easily draw arrows, circles and lines or put a piece of text in the photo.

Delete with Swipe

Productivity is king when you are using a smart phone. At least, you are having a smart phone, so use it wisely, right?

One great tip is to stop using buttons to delete files. In a lot of apps you can use the swipe function to delete something from your phone. Take for instance email. If you swipe an email from right to left, there will be a delete button available which deletes the email when you press on it. This prevents you from having to open up the email, hitting the delete button!

Zoom with the Camera

Most of the times when you are using the camera function on a phone there won't come any good from it. But the zoom function of the iPhone 4 is pretty neat! And zooming is really easy.

Pinch your fingers on it, while being in the camera app of course, and the zoom scale will become available. This allows you to zoom in big time. Just tap the screen again and the scale will disappear again.

Make Shortcuts

Let's be honest here. Typing on a mobile phone can be a pain. The keyboard of the iPhone works great, but when you need to type your email ten times a day this can be pretty nerve wrecking. But you are lucky, there is a solution (of course there is).

You can create shortcuts on your phone for sentences! What you need to do:

  1. Go to the settings app. When you have this phone, you should be familiar with this app.
  2. Navigate to 'General'.
  3. Click on 'keyboard'.
  4. Hit 'Create New Shortcut'. This is the place you were looking for!
  5. Fill in a sentence and the shortcut! And you are all done already.

Make sure to come up with something clever. I, for instance, use it to store my email address, but also all my most used greetings, names and phone numbers. But there are of course tons of ways to use shortcuts on your iPhone!

Screen Orientation Lock

Do you love to be on your iPhone just before you go to sleep? And do you lay down then while typing something or watching a video and you screen suddenly starts to rotate? I get that problem, I hate it too.

But you can actually lock the rotation of the screen. On the iPad this is actually a physical button on the device, but on the iPhone it is just a setting you can adjust. When you hit the home button twice you will get all the applications running in the background. Instead of swiping to other applications (to the right) swipe to the left. You will get the place where you can control your music and on the left you will see a button with an arrow on it. This is the button you want to hit when you wish to stop the rotating screen!

Now you will never come across this problem again.

Save Images - Right from the Web

I find it very strange so few people know about this functionality, but you can easily copy (or even save) images from always anywhere. When you are looking on the internet for instance, just browsing for some images, you may come across an interesting image.

Now. Just click on the image and hold. Don't stop holding until you get a menu bar. This menu will say 'Save image' and 'Copy image', maybe even 'Copy image link' and 'follow link'. And this is actually all you have to do.

When you copy the image you can paste it anywhere now. So if you find a great picture on the web, just copy it and share it with friends using the messenger app of your choice. Wish to keep the image? Just save it and it will be in your camera roll!

Find My iPhone

One of the most amazing features of iOS 5 would be iCloud. And with iCloud Find My iPhone comes in. When you set up iCloud make sure to set up Find My iPhone as well.

What this app basically does is actually finding your iPhone. When you lost your phone you can login on iCloud on the web and find the phone back using this sweet piece of software. You just click on it and you will see the location on your map.

What is even better is how you can control your iPhone. You can send a message to it and make it beep. This means when you left your iPhone under a stack of papers in your office you can make it beep and people will start looking for it. When they find it they see for instance the message 'I lost my phone and you probably found it! Can you call xyz?' This is cool right?

But yes, even this gets better. When you use your iPhone for secret stuff, whether this is just your job or you are planning to take over the world for instance, you can erase your iPhone from a distance.

Now you only miss the self-destruct function, but it gets close..


With all of these tools you should be well on your way to make the most out of your iPhone. Make sure to leave your favorite trick in the comments if you have any! This will result in more iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks!