iPhone has dominated the cell phone industry, and everybody knows that. Its dominance has actually left mobile companies bemused at the innovation and expertise revealed by Apple in just a short period of time since it introduced the very first iPhone in the year 2007. In just 3 years, iPhone has launched another mobile touch screen with interfaces similar to that of Mac's, has numerous homescreens, is small and has a very sleek design. Let's talk about the advantages of iPhone 4 over the other mobile phones out there.

iPhone 4 is considered to be the most stylish and sleekest cell phone ever created and seen by reviewers and consumers, thus leaving old and new buyers perplexed and at the same time fascinated by its cost-effective and small design. There is only a single button at the front – a perfect illustration of Apple's idea of minimalism and compactness.

In spite of its petite size, it takes pride in its striking specifications list that includes a Random Access Memory and processor recording at 512mb and 1Ghz, a thing that is not often found in every cell phone. While the iPhone 4 users are opening some applications and skimming through several homescreens, the phone's performance can be illustrated simply as outstanding. This is another reason why majority of other cell phones are left behind once more.

Moreover, you can be assured that all your photos or videos, regardless of where you took them, are absolutely stunning and clear, and it is all because of the 720p technology that is incorporated in this phone's overhaul. This kind of technology is included in only some mobile phones.

Apple has included numerous homescreens that will enable users to skim through some various apps settings, screens, as well as options all at the same time. This is apart from the other different overhauls in terms of the OS (operating system) and design.

In addition, more than 10,000 apps are obtainable by iPhone 4 users. Apps can be almost anything and because of this, consumers are left only with so much contentment.

"With a 1Ghz CPU, and 16GB of flash memory, this thing is a portable office/entertainment center par excellence. I've had this phone for 3 months without a single problem, the display is nice and sharp, the apps load very fast, and I now have over 130 apps to perform just about every duty you could possibly think of with absolutely no impact on performance. And on the ATT 3G network, I average download speeds of around 1.8Mbps, and over 1M upload speeds....and how do I know that, cause I got an app that tells me that's how. BTW, the display is the equivalent of a 960x640 on your desktop so what you see is essentially a high res yield and page loads are superfast. And resident memory, after a full days use I just checked and still had 120Mb of Ram available. On the 3G model that number was usually down around 4Mb by the end of the work day and had to be refreshed." (source Amazon)

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