The Success of Disappointment

Everything you need to know about iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

The anticipation is over and reactions are mixed.

Apple launched the iPhone4S to the delight of millions of Apple followers worldwide and just like most apple product launch it was greeted with so much keenness and amusement. So far it has been the most successful iPhone ever. This may have something to do with Steve Jobs passing away, but it's hard to say for sure. Even though there are people very disappointed in the lack of an iPhone 5 release that is clearly not stopping the masses from buying out every last prerelease iPhone 4S. Very impressive indeed.

The Facts About the iPhone 4S
Technically, it is not a new incarnation of the famous iPhone but rather an upgrade to its predecessor- iPhone4 and there are three major selling points to this product: the upgraded camera capability, the iOS5 software and Siri- the one who almost steal the thunder during the launch. Just for clarification, there is a difference in the iPhone 5 and iOS5. iPhone 5 will be the physical phone that is yet to be released and iOS5 is the software that the remodled iPhone 4 (the 4S) is now using.

Apple has many strengths but integrated camera specifications is one of them. This has been evident in their product line. The good news to all Apple fans out there is that this version parades the most powerful camera developed for an Apple gadget- an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capability at 30 frames per second.

How does that help us in shooting photos and videos?
Well, the good thing is that it would enable the user to capture and record videos that are considered true HD. So if you think that its predecessor did a fantastic job on this area- you can be assured that the 4S lives up to that expectation and made another leap. If you ask me though the imaging capabilities of Samsung Galaxy is far more superior and in terms of low-light capabilities I would have to hand it over to Sony’s Xperia.

It’s also worth noting that the 4S integrates a noise reduction technology and image stabilization so it should practically aid you in achieving crisp but smooth audio and visual details.

With the integration of the dual A5 processor applications run faster, graphics can be rendered up to 7x quicker and so are the shots using the camera. Apart from an increase in megapixels the 4S which dramatically increases the amount of details that you can capture, it is also proud of having changed the optics of the camera knowing very well that megapixels alone does not make a good photo.

The improvements in optics and new sensor allow more light to be absorbed and the addition of a fifth lens allows sharper image to be registered. The shots taken using this phone is indeed better in terms of detail, depth and color.

For the novice, you would be happy to experience the face detection capability of the camera that would automatically adjust its settings to portrait or landscape depending on the subject. Note though, that this technology has been around already for some digital cameras years ago.

The 4S also allows the user to crop, edit and enhance the photo right after you have captured it.

In the keynote speech- it claims that iPhone4 has become the number one smart phone in the world and much of it has to do with market share and innovation in terms of user experience. The challenge has always been improving what is currently the ‘best’.

Overall, the 4S as the name suggests is not much different from the iPhone4 apart from the major updates discussed in this article. My personal take is that- I’ll pass on this one and wait for what iPhone5 has to offer.