Lux DLX (Deluxe) is a turn based strategy game from IUGO software that is very similar to the famous board game Risk. It is one of the most popular TBS games in the app store, but how is it really?

Genre: Turn Based Strategy

Players: Single Player vs Computer AI / Multiplayer against up to 4 other players on the same device

Price: $7.99 (Not bad for what you get)

Graphics: 6.5/10

Lux Deluxe has decent graphics. Battles are animated with explosions and there are sounds to go along with various actions (ie placing of troops, conquering a territory, etc)

Gameplay: 7.5/10

The game plays a lot like the class board game Risk - with some major rule changes. Fans of Risk will like this game. It offers a good balance of fun and a challenge for strategy gamers.

Classic Risk players will appreciate the ability to modify the game rules before starting a game.

One thing some players have noticed is the fact that the game can be slightly slow to react to input. It is still very playable, but the lag can be annoying at times.

Interestingly, the lag seems to vary depending on what map you play.

There has already been at least one update that improved the game's speed. So, I'm sure this will be fixed soon.

Features: 10/10

Lux Deluxe gets a 10 for features. With a great AI and a wide variety of maps to play on, users will find Lux to be quite replayable over and over.

Game rules can be changed in the Options menu.

Computer AI: 10/10

The game's AI is quite well programmed.

There are three difficulty levels. Strategy veterans will quickly defeat the easy level AI. However, more advanced levels can be quite a challenge - even for strategy game masters.

Stability: 7/10

Lux Deluxe has crashed for me a few times. The few times it has crashed have been when restoring the game from the home screen after using another application. So, I suspect it's a device memory issue. Unfortunately, the iPhone and iPod Touch have a limited memory supply. If an app doesn't give back the memory it uses - doesn't make it available for other applications - those other apps can run into problems.

However, the developer has been very receptive to customer feedback in the past, so I am confident that this will be taken care of with an update - as will the game's lag issue.

Final Score: 8.2

Overall, Lux DLX is a fun and enjoyable game. It's easy to learn but hard to master. It should have any strategy game enthusiast coming back for more.

It has a few kinks that need to be worked out, but I am confident the developer will deliver.