Using African Animals to Create Fun Letterhead

Letter Art African Animals is a stationary creation program for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you use creatively drawn animals as the letters for the stationary header. Within a couple of minutes a user can create a unique stationary letterhead that is perfect for printing and using with hand written notes. These can also be used as birth and party announcements.

When I first started using the application, I could not figure out how you would use these creations other than making a nice looking picture to show on the iPhone. It wasn't until I emailed one of the pictures to myself that I realized this application is creating large images. These are large enough to print out on a full 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Just the right size for printing and giving to your friends. You could also scale the images down to fill only a half sheet of paper and make nice notepads.

Letter Art African Animals costs $2.99 in the iTunes Store and is easily found by searching for "Letter Art AA." It is created by Letter Art Studios which has another product, Letter Art Bugs, already in the iTunes Store. There are at least two other applications coming soon in the series: Sea Creatures and Tropical.

Letterhead Creation ScreenGetting Started

There are no instructions that pop up when you first start the program. It is nice that you don't have to view a large set of instructions every time you want to use the program. However, I felt a little lost when I first opened it because I just had to poke around to see what worked. Had I been paying attention I would have seen the i icon that you can click to get more information. After playing with the application for several minutes, I finally clicked on that icon and was surprised at the number of features that were available. These were features I felt should be in the application, but I did not know how to access on my own. The instructions are clear and help you get the most out of the application.

Animal Letterhead

The main letterhead area is where you can write using the cute animal figures. You can scale the animals larger or smaller to fit in the text area. While you can write a single line of text in the box, remember that the final image is the size of a full sheet of paper. You can easily write a couple of lines of text in the text box and it will still be readable when printed. If you are just going to make images that are viewed on the iPhone, then you probably want to stick to a single line of text.

Text Input Area

You can leave the text area blank if you are printing out the images for stationary. You could also write a witty line or two that would be printed just under the stationary letterhead. If you are creating a party invitation, then this is the area where you will want to write the details of the event.

Text Input AreaThere are many options for formatting the text in the main text area. The font can be changed to one of 58 fonts! The background color and the font color can be altered using a color palette or by entering specific values in an RGB input area. Font size and alignment can be adjusted on the same screen.

After creating the header text with the cute animals and the text in the main body of the document, you can hit 'Save' and the image is saved to the photo library of the iPhone or iPod. You can easily view the art inside the photo library, or mail your creation to yourself for printing. You can also mail the images to your friends to view on screen or to be printed out.

If you are not done creating your stationary, but have to switch to another application Letter Art African Animals stores your creation. There is no fear of losing your work if you are not done. When you turn the program back on you are returned to exactly where you left off.

Letter Art African Animals

The power of the Letter Art African Animals is not completely realized until you mail the image to yourself and paste it into a full sheet of paper in your word processor or image manipulation program. If you don't want to email the image, it can be found on your computer after you synchronize your device with iTunes. This is an application that starts the creation of your letterhead on the iPod or phone, but the final product is more enjoyable when using a computer to print the creation on paper.

Letter Art African Animals is the second in the series of four applications. The first, which is already released, is Letter Art Bugs. Soon Letter Art Sea Creatures and Letter Art Tropical will be released at the iTunes App Store.