Iphone apps come and go. Seemingly endless numbers of applications compete for the consumer's attentiPhone Appsion. Every now and then one comes along that is a "must have keeper."  For travelers, Tripit is just that, a must have.

What is it? Tripit advertises itself as a travel organizer. Is it ever that!

What problem does it solve? Forever, travelers have fumbled to find the little slip of paper or computer file that reminds them of their airline, hotel, and car reservations. Tripit has solved this problem. All travel plans come up together, neatly organized on the user's phone or computer. Almost as if by magic, those items organize into a neat grid for the iPhone user. The traveler makes reservations for air, hotel and cars. The magic begins when the email confirming that reservation comes back to the user's email. The only action needed is to send that confirmation to plans@tripit.com. Tripit organizes the itinerary by date with all needed information day by day noted. Maps and directions appear as well if desired. In other words, Tripit does not make reservations for the user, but rather organizes all of the reservations made into one easily accessible place on an iPhone. There is a Tripit website as well for use without a cell phone.

What is the price? The price is right for this dandy little app. One version is free. The Pro version is $49 per year, but a thirty-day free test drive of the system is available.

What is the difference between the free and paid, Pro versions? Both versions provide that "no cut and paste" automatic trip itineraries and the ability to get directions and maps. In addition, the Pro version offers attractive and useful features. Inner Circle is a feature that allows the user to grant access to their schedule to others such as an administrative assistant. A favorite is a Point Tracker system that keeps track in one place of all membership frequent traveler balances for airlines, hotels, and rental cards. Should a delay or cancellation present itself, Alternate Flights is a feature offering re-booking options looking across all airlines. Mobile Alerts informs the traveler of flight changes including cancellations, connections, gate changes, baggage claim locations and more. In addition, a complimentary one year membership to Hertz #1 Club Gold and Regus Bold, VIP car rentals included. Over 1,000 business lounges are available free of charge worldwide. The option to sign up is a matter of preferences and what features a traveler would use.

What are the requirements? IOS 4.0 or newer required.

Are special, optional features available? Yes, there is an auto import that is not required to use the system.

Are there any problems or noticeable improvements needed? A drawback is some airlines are still not on the Pro system for tracking the points, notably Southwest Airlines. Travel itineraries can still be loaded for them, but no ability to track points is available.