Having a iPhone car mount for Otter Box will be the perfect way to both protect your iPhone, while also having a great way to map out the route you need to take. It actually is a big frustration for many people not having the best car kit for an iPhone, while still be able to use the best iPhone 4 case possible.

If you wish to protect your iPhone, a case of obviously a good idea. And when it comes down to protecting your iPhone, Otterbox is the case company you wish to go to. The provide strong cases, which definitely stand a chance when coming across a floor, a but which is trying to sit on the phone or a bounce from the bed.

In having a smart phone you also have the great opportunity to install some good navigate apps which will help you to find the place you need to go to. Take for instance TomTom. Expensive apps, so when you once made the investment to get one, you probably wish to take the most out of it.

But what if you use both of these things? What if you both have the great Otterbox defender and use your phone as a route planner? Well, there is a solution for that, of course.

iPhone Car Mount for Otter Box

Having to get your iPhone out of the case every time you want to put it in the car kit can be a great pain in the you know what. This actually can be a reason to not use either the case, or the car mount, anymore. So obviously, there should be a way you are able to still use both of these things.

And there is. After some time in the dark searching for the perfect device, it finally came up.

It is called the 'SlipGrip Car Holder' and does exactly what you want here. Holding your phone while having the case still around it. For only 25$ you can get this sweet device already.

iPhone Car Mount for Otter BoxCredit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0045XA4V8/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=medialunchbox-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0045XA4V8

It works pretty easy, it just has a suction cup to stick the holder to your car window and it has a system which allows you to turn the phone 360 degrees, upside down and everything you want. This suction cup has a locking device so it is even more vacuüm than it already was.

The reviews praise how tight the iPhone is in it, while having the OtterBox Defender as a case. This is because the SlipGrip Car Holder is especially designed for the iPhone 4 with the OtterBox case! This distinguishes the car kit from many other kits.

On the other hand, some people find it a little to tight, you cannot get your phone out of the car mount with one hand when leaving the car and the car kit looks pretty cheap, because of the plastic materials. But well, with only 25$ this is probably not so surprising.

So from now on you not have to worry anymore when you were looking for a way to both use your favorite iPhone case and still use the phone as a GPS tool! Because you will have a great iPhone car mount for Otter Box!