Apple created a user friendly interface unlike anything seen before when the iPhone came out in 2007. Touch screen technology existed but never in a personal or handheld device. This technology is only possible because of a small bit of technology called a digitizer.

A screen digitizer senses any type of touch on the screen and allows the user to interact with the device or in this case, an iPhone.

On the Apple iPhone 4G the digitizer and LCD screen come as a combination piece but when one breaks the other component is still functional in some cases. For instance, just because the LCD screen is cracked, the digitizer can still be fully utilized. The digitizer recognizes pressure and can still follow the movement even though the screen is damaged. On the other hand, the digitizer can become damaged without any damage to the screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The digitizer on an iPhone or iPod Touch is a thin piece of film that consists of two layers of film that have conductive points. The two film layers are split by a layer of conductive mesh and when the three layers are compressed with a touch, the device responds.

Various moves such as swipes, points, flicks, etc. can be used to make the device respond accordingly. Similar technology is used for laptop track pads. The use of different movements can scroll a page and when a track pad is tapped it acts like a mouse and allows the user to interact with the web page without the use of an actual mouse.

This innovative technology revolutionized this new age of mobile devices, which is reflected on how many Apple sells a year. It continues to make Apple a powerhouse in the world today and will probably make this type of technology last for quite a while. The use of the digitizer has inspired the creation of similar devices such as the: Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, and the Samsung Jet.

I hope that this article has helped you realize why the iPhone and iPod Touch are so successful and marketable. As well as why many people have purchased them or want to purchase these two devices.

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