Three iPhone Speaker Systems That Work

Remember the days of the annoying alarm clock that had ridiculous buzzers and bad radio reception?  Fortunately, with the emergence of iPhones and iPods we can now wake up easier thanks to iPhone speaker systems that can produce great sound and are easy to use.iPhone Speaker System Reviews - 3 Good Ones to Try for Great Sound and Usability - Old Alarm Clock

And if you're old enough, you remember those ancient devices called record players.  They were great for their time, but now we can produce unbelievable sound through an iPhone or iPod on a device that fits perfectly in your bedroom or living room.

I have owned and tried several iPhone speaker systems, and have three to recommend.  While I have certainly not tried every speaker system out there, I have enjoyed these three.

Bose SoundDock Series II

The Best iPhone Docking Station with Speakers I Have Owned - SoundDock Series II Digital Music SystemThe Bose SoundDock Series II comes from the leader of sound technology.  I purchased this one for my wife after we bought our first iPhone.  We were kind of late to the Apple revolution and had never even owned an iPod.  So we went on the hunt for a quality speaker to play music in our living room and kitchen area.

After being advised to buy speakers that were made by companies that specialize in sound - as opposed to buying an Apple speaker - we settled on the Bose SoundDock Series II.  We have not been disappointed.  It plays great sound and is easy to use.  We simply place the iPhone on the docking station, turn on iTunes, and the speaker system does the rest.

The only downside that we have experienced is that you have to remove the protective case on your iPhone.  There are adapters available, but if you do not want to use an adapter you might get annoyed if you have a case that is difficult to remove.

RCA RC65i iPhone/iPod Dual Alarm Clock

One of the Best iPhone Dual Alarm Clocks to Help you Wake Up and Stop Being Late for Work - RCA RC65iThe RCA RC65i iPhone/iPod Dual Alarm Clock speaker system was my first experience with an iPhone based alarm clock.  I have been delighted with the results so far.

In contrast with other iPhone speaker systems, the iPhone fits on the docking station even with the carrying case still attached.  I have not had to use the adapters that were included with the speakers.  I am not saying that will be the case with everyone, but I enjoy the fact that I do not have to remove the case.

This speaker system is also very easy to use.  There are four touch buttons on the front which switch the speakers from iPhone/iPod, Radio, Auxiliary, and Off. 

The radio has both AM and FM tuners.  The radio reception is not much better than any other alarm clocks.  It really depends on where the speakers are set up and how the antennae is situated.

This speaker system has dual alarms, which comes in handy if two people need to wake up at separate times.

Philips DC315/37

iPhone Speaker System - Philips DC31537The Philips DC315/37 has been a great addition to our household.  Like the RCA speaker system above, the Philips produces great sound from the iPhone. 

The Philips DC315 is very small, at just 7" x 7", which makes it easily fit on a bedside table.  The iPhone does not take up any extra room when it is docked.  Unlike the RCA RC65i, you must remove the protective case when docking the iPhone.  Again, there are adapters available. 

One difference between this alarm clock and the RCA RC65i is that this alarm clock just plays the FM dial on the radio settings.  If you enjoy AM radio, then this is not the alarm clock for you. 

However, the other features are terrific and I would recommend purchasing this iPhone speaker system.

Where to Buy These iPhone Speaker Systems

I have seen these speaker systems at various brick-and-mortar stores, including Walmart, Best Buy, and even the Apple store.  You can try places like that or go the convenient route and look for good deals online

These iPhone speaker systems make great gifts and can be great ways to attractively add a sound system to your home.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.