An entire genre has sprung up around zombie gaming and this popularity has resulted in a series of different app games for smart phones revolving around zombies. Many of these games are great fun and if you are a fan of the genre, check out the ones listed below.

Zombie Gunship

This is currently my favorite app game about zombies and I highly recommend it for fans of the genre. There is no story line that develops, merely the constant threat of zombies being quelled with massive firepower from above.

Gameplay: You are flying in circles around an area of varying terrain. Within the map that your plane is flying over, there is a bunker entrance. From all 'black areas' of the map zombies and real people emerge, all heading for the bunker entrance. You have three different weapon types to use to shoot the zombies before one of two things happens: you accidentally kill three civilians or you inadvertently allow a zombie to enter the bunker

Controls: This is a basic 'scroll and shoot' game. The on-screen controls are limited, allowing the user maximum viewing area of the map. The 'finger spread' is used to zoom in and out on the map to better target different guns.

Upgrades:  It is possible to use real money and purchase more upgrades this way, but this is really just an option and is in no way necessary to maintain the excitement of playing. With a recent update, there were more fun upgrades to choose from.

Pros: Game play is super fun, it's a good mix of challenging and playable. Upgrades are all earned at a reasonable rate without having to buy more 'credits'.

Cons: None

Recommendation: Buy this game.

Zombie Highway

This is one of the more unique zombie app games and has benefited from multiple upgrades to expand gameplay.  This is a must-have zombie app and is sure to continue to offer more and more fun upgrades.

Gameplay: In this game, you are in one of four vehicles. You can not control the speed of the vehicle and as you are traveling, zombies from the side (and middle) of the road will jump onto the side of your vehicle and attempt to rock it over. You can do two things to get these creatures off your car: shoot them off through the window (done so by tapping either the upper portion or lower portion of the screen at the edge) or you can run your vehicle along other abandoned cars to knock the zombies. There are a few different types of zombies, six different roads, four different vehicles and an ever-expanding collection of guns from which to choose.

Controls: Simply turn the phone to turn your vehicle. When shooting, you can either tap the zombie directly or tap the edge of the screen that is across from the zombie.

Upgrades: The game has been upgraded multiple times to add new guns, new vehicles and new types of games. Game upgrades have been one of the things making this title so popular. As for upgrading you gear, you can unlock new guns, vehicles and levels by progressing and getting better 'medals' on the different levels. Like most games, you can simple pay to have these features unlocked but it is not necessary.

Pros: Some of the best upgrades of any app game I have ever played and surely there are more to come. Fun gameplay with a variety of levels and customization to lengthen gameplay.

Cons: The environment does get a bit drab: you are always in a desert. It would be nice to troll through the city sometimes, but this is merely a cosmetic complaint.

Recommendation: Buy this game.

Call of the Mini Zombies

This game is pretty fun to play. The characters all look like little Lego-people zombies and the graphics are good. One thing I like is that there is a large map and you get to choose which smaller sections of the map you will be engaging zombies in for each level.

Gameplay: Here you roam a small map, constantly evading and shooting zombies that emerge from the ground. There are a lot of different zombie types and, as expected, they are all dispatched easily with shots to the head. For each level, you 'play through the night' and the level ends automatically when the sun rises.

Controls: The traditional 'double-joystick' controls are used effectively here. The right 'joystick' is for shooting and looking around can be done by strafing your finger anywhere on the screen.

Upgrades: Upgrades are available but take longer to attain than some other games. It seems to me like the developers are leaning toward in-game purchases for upgrades to be a source of revenue and I feel this ultimately hurts the game.

Pros: It is a fun, simple game with a good map function.

Cons: Upgrades can be unlocked but take a very long time. In-game purchases are encouraged and this limited natural growth of unlocking new characters and weapons really limits gameplay.

Recommendation: I do not recommend this one. It is not a bad game, but there are better.

Zombies in Dark

This is a very realistic looking game with an ominous soundtrack. This is easily the most realistic zombie game I have played for a smartphone.

Gameplay: Here you control your soldier through a very small urban map as zombies appear.

Controls: The controls for this game are all on-screen: left joystick and shooting controls on the right (although this can be altered slightly in the controls section). You can throw regular and flash bang grenades but the grenade controls are right next to the joystick,. forcing you to stop moving before you throw a grenade. The proximity of the controls also makes it easy to accidentally throw a grenade when your movement finger slides too far.

Upgrades: None!

Pros: The realistic graphics are really nice.

Cons: Limited gameplay, small play area, controls muddle the screen, in-game advertising.

Recommendation: Don't buy this game. It's a poor excuse for in-game ads.

Use this small list of zombie app game reviews to help you navigate the masssive collection of zombie games available for smart phones.

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