iPhone tips and tricks from pavlic

iPhone tips and tricks - The ultimate listCredit: pavlic

So here is the list of the tips and tricks  for iPhone that really astonished me and I hope that some of these will at least surprise you or make your life easier. I will be updating this list once I come across some new and interesting ones.

Most of these tips will work on all iPhone and iPod Touch models running iOS 5 and newer.

All of them were tested on iPhone 4S running iOS version 6.0.1.


Scroll up quickly

When you get to the bottom of a long web page, you don’t need to scroll up all the way up manually. Simply tap on the top bar where the clock appears to scroll to the top of the page immediately.

Dismiss notifications banner

Some applications use banners at the top of the iPhone screen to let you know about new content (you can set this in Settings > Notifications). This notification banner appears for 5 seconds. If you want to dismiss it immediately, simply swipe your finger over it from right to left. You can also swipe it slightly down and then flick it up and away.

Decline calls

Press the sleep/wake button twice when somebody is calling you to decline the call and redirect it to your voicemail.

Take screenshots

You can take a screenshot of your iPhone screen by holding the Home button and pressing the sleep/wake button. The image of the screen is then saved in the Camera Roll.

Delete any list item quickly

Standard list items (which can be deleted) can be deleted by swiping from right to left. A Delete button appears on the right side of the item.

Teach Siri your and other names

If you own iPhone 4S or newer and use the personal assistant Siri, you have the ability to teach her your name or name of your boss, partner, sibling etc.

Just tell Siri “Siri, call me ‘Tom’”, she will ask you to confirm and will call you your name afterwards. You can also use a nickname instead of your real name or better, things like “My precious” or “Master of the universe” :-)

To teach her names of people close to you just tell her, for example, “Danny Smith is my boss” or “Mellissa is my wife”. This way you can tell her to send a message to your boss or call your wife.

You can set these relationships up manually as well, by adding “related people” field to your contact entry.

Close suspended applications

This tip is helpful mainly for iPhone 4 and older models. When you feel that the performance of your iPhone is just not right and it is often lagging, the solution could be to close suspended applications. Double press the Home button to see the list of all recently used applications. Tap and hold your finger on one of the applications. A red minus sign appears for all the applications – now just tap this minus sign for all applications you want to close. This will free up some memory and boost the performance of your device.

Access music controls quickly

By double-pressing the Home button, not only you can see the list of suspended applications, but also after swiping from left to right you can access music controls and a screen lock. Swipe to right again to access the volume control.

Use headphones remote control to the max

If you use headphones with a remote control you can play/pause the song by pressing the middle button and adjust the volume by pressing the plus and minus buttons. You can also skip the track by pressing the middle button twice and return to previous song by pressing it three times. To fast forward, double-press the middle button and hold it. To rewind, press it three times and hold it.

You can use the middle button for many other actions. Use single press of this button for answering and ending calls. Press and hold it for 2 seconds to decline the call – you will hear two beeps as a confirmation. When in call, press it once to answer second call and to switch between these calls. When idle, press the middle button and hold it to activate Siri.

The volume up button can be used as a shutter release when taking photos to help you take a super steady one.

Tap to focus the camera

While shooting photo or video, you can tap anywhere on the screen to focus. The exposure and white balance will also be adjusted automatically.

See your number quickly

Open the list of contacts and swipe down to reveal your own phone number above the first contact in the list.

Tweak the keyboard

Double tap the space button to type a full stop followed by a space. Holding any of the keyboard keys will show a list of alternative characters. For example, the holding the 0 key will show you the ° symbol.

You can also set your own dictionary of often-used groups of words and access them using shortcuts. For example, you can set the shortcut ‘cub’ for “I will call you back”. These shortcuts can be set by going to ‘Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut…’