Some grannies may already know and use an Apple iPhone but for countless others, apple may just be a pie filling. Needless to say, technology is being embraced by all ages, from a 3-year-old playing on an iPad to a teen who is glued to his Xbox or PlayStation during the weekends.

Communication is also forever changed by technology. Video calls have become a normal form of communication and mobile phones can do so much more than just make calls.

The iPhone may be one of the most advanced technological devices out there but it is also surprisingly one of the user-friendliest phones. No wonder more than half of iPhone users are over the age of 35. The price of an iPhone is probably a big factor in this.

If you are planning on buying a mobile phone for your grandparents, then the iPhone will serve the purpose of an easy to navigate cellular phone and more.

iPhone Accessibility

Apple developed the iPhone to meet the different needs of its users. Yes, that includes older people too, as well as people with disabilities.

If you go to Settings app>General>Accessibility, you’ll find several settings that will enable VoiceOver, zoom text, assistive touch, mono audio and more.

  • VoiceOver

VoiceOver enables the iPhone to read the contents of the screen. It can even read in 36 languages.

  • Zoom

Your granny will not have a hard time reading the contents of the iPhone with the zoom feature. Zoom will magnify the entire screen. Drag three fingers to move around the screen.

  • Large Text

It is possible to enlarge the text in Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Messages and Notes.

  • Invert Colors

The white background can be hard for older to people to read. There is a setting to reverse the colors and create contrast.

  • Speak Selection

Speak Selection will read the highlighted texts in websites, email and messages.

  • Speak Auto-text

This feature will type the spoken words and you can also correct the words that were not fully understood.

  • Mono Audio

Does granny have hearing impairments? Mono audio can route both right and left audio into both ear buds.

  • Assistive Touch

Assistive touch lets you create custom gestures to access the device

Apps for Older People

Apps forever changed the way we use our mobile devices. There are numerous apps for different tasks. Whether it is for gaming, reading, music, photography, health, business, etc. apps help in productivity, entertainment or convenience.

There are numerous apps for older people and these are some of the best iOS apps that you can get for Granny on the iPhone:

  • Read2Go

Read2Go is an eBook reader that allows users to download and read books on Bookshare. The user can change the font, size, color and background. It even has a text-to-speech preference.

  • Voice To Apps

This is another useful app that has voice-recognition. It lets the user dictate text or emai
l messages. Users can also update their status, tweet and send notes and reminders to their device.

  • Pill Reminder

Pill reminder is a convenient app for those taking different pills during the day. The user can enter the name of the pill, the dosage, frequency and the time they should be taken. Pill reminder sends a message via PUSH alert.

  • My Council Services

This app helps in reporting problems in their respective local area, directly from their iPhone. Older people no longer need to go over to the council to report a broken streetlight or a dangerous pothole.

  • iPets

Having a real dog can be time-consuming, expensive and physically challenging especially for older people. Good thing they can now have a virtual pet with iPets.

  • TextAlert

Text Alert lets the user send text reminders to himself or his contacts. Older people are more forgetful. With this app, they will never forget a task, birthday or simply shopping for milk at the grocery by sending themselves a scheduled text message.

 . . .

Older people can adapt to technology too if they have the right tool. It’s not about the changing times but it is about the ability of the person to cope with the changes around him. Now, go on, search for the best iPhone deals and get your dear old granny an iPhone.