The iPod is a hard drive based music player which was created by Apple. Nowadays there are different varieties of it, and you can find it in the Shuffle, Mini, Nano and Touch versions. All of these models were designed so that they can facilitate an ease of use for everyone regardless of their age. The user interface is very easy to get your head around it and a central scroll wheel is used to navigate around the player. This mechanism was redesigned when it came to the Nano generation. Given the fact that the original wheel was too large for this particular model, engineers had to make it smaller. The way the Nano stores data on it is through the built in memory. This brings great portability to it and it does not require you to carry around cassettes or CDs like it was the case with older players.

When we are talking about the models before the Nano (of the same Apple players family), the Mini and the Classic all used a hard drive for data storage. Nano uses flash memory instead which makes it shock resistant, whereas dropping a Classic of a Mini would definitely result in hard drive damage.

The first unit of this wonderful music player was launched in 2001 on October 23rd. The man who made all of this possible and brought his vision on a better and revolutionary music player is Tony Fadell. He also presented his ideas to RealNetworks and Philips but only Apple decided to give him a shot and thus get him a contract. And that's how the whole thing began.

One of the drawbacks of this device was the price which around that time was stacked around $400, which was too expensive for most people. Also the fact that it lacked any PC support wasn't too much of a joy either. But the PC compatibility problem was soon taken care of and a PC supported version of it would soon be launched.

In Europe, the iPod was launched only 30 days later. Thus in 2001 Apple totaled an estimated 125,000 units sold. Over time the software for this device was improved and many bugs that were initially present in it were fixed.

Since 2001 and the present day, Apple has become a world leader in offering mp3 players to the world selling hundreds of thousands of such devices.