What does the iPod Touch offer? This highly recommended electronic device has more in store than most will know, but there is a catch. In order to use most of the iPod Touch features you have to be in a location where Wifi exists, an internet connection.

We begin with the basics. The price range depends on how much storage room you invest in. For the next step up from 8GB the cost shoots from $300 to $400. But for the 8GB iPod Touch the cost is between $150 to $200 in most locations where they are available.

Once you have purchased your iPod Touch you may notice applications (Touch apps) that come with your new device. These applications are free unless you find that application that requires you to spend for access.

Here's a list of iPod Touch applications that may appeal to your taste.

  • Yahoo.com e-mail - access is free.
  • Calender - access is free.
  • Weather - access is free.

  • And the list continues.

    If you truly want to search for other applications then click on the app store located on the bottom right then click on categories. There you will see a list of categories to choose from. For only free applications click on a chosen category click the "top free" button on the center top portion of your iPod Touch. I chose "news" category and the top list begins with The White House, NY Times, NPR News then Yahoo. The list continues below this as all are free. You simply click on the one you want and what do you find after touching the word install? You have to sign into your iTunes account.

    Creating an iTunes account is simple. It will direct you on where to go, sign-up and you are on your way to more free applications.

    On our iPod Touch the applications include Associated Press. AP is one of the best tools to have on your iPod Touch and it's free. Today's headlines surround 400,000 Haitians trying to find a location to settle. The second headline reflects how the Democrats may lead Obama's health care bill into a corner.

    Another great application to use is TV Guide and it too is free. Scroll down to see what's on television, even if the remote is not at arms length. You can also try USGS Seismic, a free application of the last earthquakes registered as this application has assisted in a recent article I had completed. It also is beneficial to those with interest concerning earthquakes. You can access Google, The Weather Channel, free Text Plus to text for free, Google Earth, Facebook, Olympic info, Wikipedia, an assortment of games, Surf Report, Holy Bible, eBook, short stories, medical library, and even a free application of Pandora's FM radio station.

    I have to admit nothing is more interesting than the Live Cams.

    Live Cams takes you anywhere you want to be, or at least you wish you could be. When it was snowing in New Jersey I checked it out from another state through Live Cam. Sure enough, it was snowing lightly as it was beginning to climb. The only downfall is the cam may not show as well in poor visibility. Just as the beach cams across the globe offered through Surfline.com, the cams are in still shots mainly, but accurate all the same.

    So, now that you know what the iPod Touch can do for you are you interested in owning one?

    What if I told you that most come with headphones to listen to your favorite songs through? It's music to your ears.

    The iPod Touch, who knew such a little electronic device could offer so much in option?