The iPod Touch is a great hand held gadget made by the folks at the Apple Company. It's basically an MP3 multimedia player but also a computer that will fit in the palm of your hand. The Touch will allow its user to check email, surf the web and use a wide variety of apps through wi-fi internet, with a nearby hi-speed wi-fi modem. In addition you can store your contacts, music mp3's, audiobooks, videos and digital pictures, making this pocket-sized device the best all-around digital music player on the market. However, if you're willing to fork over the $180 or more to buy one of these gadgets, you're more than likely going to want to spend some extra money for essential or helpful accessories. Here's a few iPod Touch accessories that are essential considerations.

Two very important items you'll want to protect your iPod Touch are a screen shield protector, and a protective case for it. These items are highly stylish and beautiful in design, but aren't scratch, smudge or dirt resistant. You can't clean the screen like other items necessarily, and you don't want to get the device wet. You can purchase a screen protector shield for around $3 to $15, and a case for $10 and up. Both items are essential to keeping your Touch safe from scratches when you're on the go with it. These also will be a blessing if you ever resell the items.

Next up, consider getting a USB wall charger or car charger for the Touch. You may find that the battery goes quicker than you expect, as you kill time surfing the web, doing instant messages or playing the fun games and apps available. With a USB wall charger you'll never have to worry if you're on the road and don't have a computer to plug the Touch into. A car charger is another good idea for long road trips. Both of these items are generally $30 from the Apple Store, or you can find lower alternatives for $10-15 through various electronics dealers online.

Another accessory you might want to consider is the brand new Apple headphones with built-in microphone. These are pricier than the other items mentioned in this article but will allow you to use your iPod Touch as if it's an iPhone. With the headset and mic, you can use several different apps that allow you to make VOIP calls over apps like Skype or other wi-fi compatible setups. It's almost like turning your iPod Touch into a wi-fi Magicjack phone!

One essential thing to consider when you purchase your iPod is also buying some sort of extended warranty. While Apple generally makes good quality products, electronics can be prone to failures or malfunctions. Last thing you want is a $300 item that doesn't work due to extended use over a year. Consider buying a warranty online from a site like, who offers third party sellers of 3 year or other warranties. Once you've got your Apple iPod Touch protected and set up with these nifty iPod Touch accessories, you'll enjoy even more peace of mind while you use your fun new gadget!