Apple's iPod Touch is a pretty incredible little machine, when you consider all of its features. It is, after all, an MP3 player, a camcorder, a still camera, a game station, a mini computer, and the list goes on. If you have considered purchasing an iPod Touch, here are just a few of the benefits that the iTouch has over other iPod models, such as the Classic, Nano and Shuffle.

The Touch Screen 

In addition to being the most obvious difference from other iPod models, the touch screen is also one of the cooler features. The screen on your iPod Touch doubles as a self-contained keyboard and mouse, and you can use your fingers to type, swipe, zoom, click, play and perform a myriad of other tasks.

The Hi-Def Retina Display

If you have a newer (4th gen) iPod Touch, you can also enjoy the enhanced visual perfection of Apple's Retina display, which offers super high resolution and can turn boring games and applications into crystal clear visual spectacles.


There are other iPod models that can handle simple games, but only the iPod Touch lets you access Apple's App Store and enjoy millions of custom software applications at your fingertips. You can store games, productivity tools, eBooks, streaming radio and much more.


Once again, you'll need the newer model iTouch devices to enjoy this feature, but FaceTime allows you to chat face-to-face with friends and relatives, using one of the two built-in camera lenses. You can also use other video chat programs like Skype.

Camera Features

Speaking of cameras, newer iPod Touch models allow you to take and store photographs as well as high definition video. You can even make custom movies right on your phone, and then send them to your friends, transfer them to your computer or just store them for safe keeping.

Classic iPod Features

In addition to all of the exclusive iTouch features, you can still enjoy all of the classic iPod features, such as video and music playback and photo storage. These classic features simply accompany a much wider array of iTouch-exclusive benefits like the aforementioned aspects.

Disadvantages of iTouch

With that said, there are still some aspects of the iTouch that certain users might find unfavorable. For example, if you like to store massive libraries of music, you might still want to invest in an 80-160GB iPod Classic, since the iTouch still doesn't offer a really large hard drive (as of July 2011). Also, as with all Apple products, you cannot download third party apps unless you jailbreak the device, which carries certain risks of its own.