Silicone Health Bracelets

Power Balance Silicone Bracelet

iRenew Silicone Wrist Band

The iRenew silicone balancing bracelet is the popular health bracelet worn and backed by paid celebrities and sports stars. The iRenew bracelet is made out of proprietary material that reportedly balances the electromagnetic fields in the body.  Their commercial asserts that when energy in your body is not balanced, neither are you. 

Power Balance wrist bands have similar health claims.  These silicone wrist bands and bracelets are supposed to do the job using "natural frequencies" to make people stronger, faster, more flexible, a better sleeper, physically balanced, and of course, more focused, concentrated, and just overall completely better.  Power Balance and the iRenew claim they balance energy biofields.

Is an iRenew or Power Balance silicone wrist band holding the fountain of youth?  What should consumers know before buying?  Can the iRenew bracelet improve health? Are the iRenew bracelet or Power Balance wrist band scams or actual health bracelets?

Can a Silicone Wrist Band or Bracelet Balance Health?

Customized silicone wrist bands are a popular trend so it's not surprising both balancing bracelets are made out of 100% silicone. The iRenew silicone wrist band and the Power Balance bracelet are amazing, if they deliver on their promises. The is nothing special about silicone that makes it able to balance the body and actually do what they claim.

Silicone balancing bracelets are one of the most popular puchases in the Amazon sports category. Suddenly the silicone wrist band is a sports clothing accessory important for performance. The iRenew product description on Amazon says consumers feel results the minute they put the bracelet on. 

Power Balance Silicone Bracelets

Power Balance silicone bracelets have a hologram in them made from "specially treated" Mylar material.   Their website describes the Power Balance as "Performance Technology designed to work with your body’s natural energy field." 

A biofield is the energetic metaphysical sphere that includes electromagnetic fields of the body. When these are disrupted it interferes with overall health and well-being.  These are energy fields surrounding the body. Daily activities that can imbalance these biofields include cell phone use and lack of sleep.

Are Silicone iRenew or Power Balance Bracelets a Health Bracelet Scam?

Searching for information about these popular silicone bracelets and wrist bands brings up iRenew scam and Power Balance bracelet scam. These silicone balancing bracelets are heavily promotoed by paid celebrity endorsements, especially of the Power Balance wrist bands claiming enhanced athletic performance.  The Australian government investigated and found Power Balance bracelet health claims misleading.  They forced the company to offer refunds to unsatified customers.

The iRenew wrist brand is an As Seen on TV product. There are great As Seen on TV products, so that alone doesn't make it a bad product. After all, the Ove' Glove looks pretty cool. Although the iRenew and the Power Balance wrist bands are not the same product their claims are just about identical: balance and strength. Commercials show the balancing test performed by these silicone bracelet company representatives. The problem is that these silicone health bracelets are being demonstrated or "tested" on customers at events like health fairs or other places that companies can table their product and interact with browsing customers.

Watching video footage of the Power Balance bracelet consumer demonstration shows the slight trick of hand by the wrist band reps as they show how the Power Balance silicone balancing bracelet works. The product rep does a balancing act with the consumer by first asking him to stand on one foot (similar to a field sobriety test) without wearing the bracelet. The rep tugs down gently on the arm of the person who always loses their balance and has to step back onto both feet. After the loss of balance, the rep asks to repeat the test with the person wearing the Power Bracelet. The customer invariably has better balance after putting on the energy field balancing silicone wrist band. So, it works? Not so fast.

An Amazon Power Balance bracelet customer review uncovers the trick used by wrist band representatives demonstrations, with and without the bracelet. The trick is in the way the silicone bracelet representative tugs the arm. During the first test, when the person is not wearing the wrist band, the rep pulls the arm down and slightly back, just enough to throw the balance of the person. After putting the balancing bracelet on, the rep simply pulls down. The miracle demonstrations are not the same. After reading the customer review it's clear that the silicone iRenew bracelet commercial demonstrations use the same technique.

Health Bracelets and Wrist Bands

There are many schools of thought about balancing the body. If the electromagnetic fields are unbalanced then it's more likely that exercise, sleep, proper diet, and general health effectors will balance it out, not a silicone wrist band. Silicone bracelets are very popular and trendy, but it seems that these companies are offering results over and above what they should when it comes to the actual health benefits. Magnetic bracelets probably make more sense than buying a bracelet that is made out of silicone and Mylar (teflon). Power Balance bracelets are also offered in neoprene. Neoprene bracelets or silicone bracelet, it still only contains Mylar.

On the other hand, there are happy customers who love their iRenew bracelets and their Power Balance bracelets. Health and pain relief bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry items are quite popular. The best thing to do is not fall for the latest fad products. Magnet therapy has been used for many years along with copper bracelets for arthritis and other joint pain, but they still don't work for everyone. Words are the most powerful advertising tool, used to hook desperate customers.  Makers of these customized silicone bracelets are doing it quite well. Investigate the companies that report amazing health care results, especially from a health bracelet making claims to balance energies using silicone, holograms, and Mylar.

*This article is not meant to cure, diagnose, treat, or serve as medical advise. It is the opinion of the author after researching iRenew and Power Balance balancing bracelets.