Difference Between the Roomba 770 & 780

A common problem that many potential buyers of a new iRobot Roomba come across is the difference between the '770' & '780' model and what is the justification behind such a 'jump' in price -- well this is the article, Roomba 770 Vs 780, that can help you out. Below, is a comparison account of the Roomba 770 & 780 model, highlighting both their differences as well as their similarities -- ultimately clarifying for you which is best suited to your cleaning preferences as well as which provides the most overall value (relative to its respective price tag).

Cleaning Mechanism

Roomba 770: '3 Stage Cleaning with AeroVac Series 2' | Adjusting Clean | Clean Edge |

Roomba 780: '3 Stage Cleaning with AeroVac Series 2' | Adjsuting Clean | Clean Edge |

Both the 770 & 780 are fitted an advanced cleaner head (which self adjusts to varying floor types) & with the AeroVac (Series 2) cleaning system which is well known for leaving an excellent finish on all floor types & dealing with pet hair. Moreover, they are installed with the clean edge brushes which allow the mahcine to hug the skirting/wall in order get a more complete clean (however the circular design does let this aspect down a bit -- as they can't right into corners, so you may need to go over these sections with a regular vacuum to get them fully done). Also, they are with a polymer bumper just in case they do hit furntiure or walls so that they are prevented from being dealth with any 'scuffing' damage.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies
Amazon Price: $499.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 1, 2015)

Navigation System

Roomba 770: iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology | 2 Automatic Virtual Walls

Roomba 780: iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology | Multi-Room w/ 2 Light Houses

To 'move around' they utilise a GPS like system so they realise what areas they have cleaned so far & what areas srill need to be cleaned -- but they also can also detect obstacles that are in their path (e.g. drop offs with stairs & chair legs etc.) & avoid them. Moreover, if they get potentially tangled with wires, they have a 'shake off' technology to set themselves free (although you can make the Roomba's life a little easier by clearing the way of potential wires etc. beforehand).

There is one distinct advantage with the 780 over that of the 770 (and one, which if you have a larger house will more than likely need) & that is... it can operate on a multi-floor basis i.e room-to-room -- so once it has finished cleaning one room it can move on to the next. The 770 doesn't have such a feature and hence you would have to start it off in a different room, but that means actively moving it from room to room (which obviously can't do if you are wanting the Roomba to clean the house whilst at work for instance) & this is usually the distinguishing factor between the 770 & 780.

iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies
Amazon Price: $599.99 $500.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 1, 2015)

Fitted Technology

Roomba 770: Dirt Detect with Persistent Cleaning (Series 2)

Roomba 780: Dirt Detect with Persistent Cleaning (Series 2)

A really great feature with the Roomba 770 & 780 is the use of the advanced dirt detect technology (which use both optical & acoustic systems) that specifically identifies 'dirtier' patches & in the same way as you would with a standard vacuum -- the Roomba performs a persistent clean it i.e it will go over it repeatedly back-and-forth until its clean. Of course, proving incredibly useful in and around the home as there will be varying dirt levels within different areas.

Battery Life & Charging 

Roomba 770: Run time - 70 mins before returning to the dock.

Roomba 780: Run time  70 mins before returning to the dock.

They both run for approximately - just over an hour (which is more than 50% longer than previous Roomba models) before they revert back to their docking station to be fully charged again (which takes roughly three hours), before they head back and finish the job in hand -- obviously saving you the hassle of taking it back & forth to be recharged. Pretty useful. Furthermore, it has a scheduling system for every day of the week, so you can actually set it to start cleaning when your not even the house (e.g. at work)

Filtration System

Roomba 770: Dual HEPA Filter

Roomba 780: Dual HEPA Filter

They both incorporate a dual high efficiency particulate air filter system that basically prevents microscopic dust & allergen particles (as small as 0.3 microns) from being expelled into the air whilst it is going about vacuuming. This is obviously highly beneficial for those who in the household who are either asthmatic or allergy sufferers.

Practical Features & Specifications & Accessories

Roomba 770: Remote Control | Bin Indicator |Dimensions: Height 8.0 cm x Diameter 35 cm | Weight: 6.3 kgs | Bin Capacity: 0.26 litres

Roomba 780: Remote Control | Touch Pad Control | Bin Indicator |Dimensions: Height 8.0 cm x Diameter 35 cm | Weight: 6.3 kgs | Extra Bristle Brush | Extra Flapper Brush | Extra Side Brush | Bin Capacity: 0.26 litres

Both models can be operated via remote, hence saving you even the hassle of just getting up to go change a setting for instance. Also, you can see that it has been designed with a low & compact profile allowing them to clean under furniture etc. Moreover, both offer a bin indicator to let you know when it needs emptying, saving you have to second guess it all the time (which an issue with lesser versions e.g. the 760).

The slight difference comes in the fact that the Roomba 780 comes with a 'state-of-the-art' touch pad allowing you to quickly & easily change settings as well as having greater control over the vacuum. Moreover, it also gets an extra set of cleaning brushes hence contributing to a better cleaned finish on all floor types. 

Further Information

They are both backed by the same warranty of one year for the actual vacuum cleaner itself (and all its components) and six months for the battery.

Which iRobot Roomba Should You Buy the 770 or 780?

As you can see from the comparison, although there are a good few similarities between the two, it is clear that the 780 is a bit of a 'step up' from the 770 - even if only for the crucial factor of being able operate with the multi-room aspect.

In all, it will depend on your cleaning preferences & the size of your home on whether the difference in price is worth it. I believe, generally speaking if you have a larger home, then it is probably worth getting the 780 to help supplement with the vacuuming but if your home is on the smaller end -- then you are more than fine with the 770 model. Ultimately, both are great vacuum cleaners & you really won't be disappointed with either one.

But, please do let me know which one you have chosen to get and why? Also, if you have any questions, comments, concerns either regarding the comparison account 'Roomba 770 Vs 780' or about either model specifically (e.g. the 770 mechanical specifications) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.