Roomba 770 & 880 Comparison Review

Wondering whether to go for the Roomba 770 or 880 (the latest version) -- and which ultimately represents itself as the best value for money? Well, here we do just that, provide you with a brief review of both the 770 and 880 so you get a sound understanding of what both Roomba vacuums have to offer you, then go on to highlight in the concluding section the key differences between the 770 and 880, so you gain a clear understanding as to which model is best for you.

Roomba 770 Overview

The Roomba 770 operates with dual HEPA filters along with the advanced Dirt Detect Series 2 technology.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies
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(price as of Jun 15, 2014)

Aspects and Features

The 770 has the ability to independently clean dust and unwanted material from your room leaving it absolutely clean. The machine has a touchpad with which you can control the operation very easily. It will operate in the area that you have defined and will not go outside that area.

It tries to emulate the cleaning done by a human being and will focus on areas that are dirtier than the other areas. It also moves back and forth emulating a real person, which results in a very clean floor. A remote control that comes also with the machine uses infrared technology.

The scheduling mechanism can be used to setup a convenient time for cleaning for the entire week. You do not have to worry about the dustbin overflowing because an indicator will let you know when it is full so that you can empty it out. It is also incorporated with enhanced power management which enables it to save battery as compared to other machines in the same range.

Other Specifications

The 770 measures 13.9 x 3.4 x 13.9 inches has a shipping weight of 14.6 pounds. It comes with two Virtual Walls, a remote control, two HEPA filters, a round and a flat cleaning tool, brushes and a battery.

Roomba 880 Overview

The 880 comes with advanced training technology that is called the AeroForce performance cleaning system. Another advanced technology that is incorporated in the machine is the iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology.

iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot For Pets and Allergies
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(price as of Jun 15, 2014)

Aspects and Features

The 880 has AeroForce extractors that are much superior than brushes that used to be fitted in some of the earlier machines. In fact they can pick up 50% more of hair and dirt than the earlier bristle brushes. It enables a close contact of the bristles with the floor and carpet which means that it can pick up more dirt. It is also very fast and can complete the task much sooner than older machines.

This vacuum cleaner uses the iAdapt technology which enables it to navigate around the floor and clean it completely. It can clean the floor several times as well so that all the dust and grime is removed from the floor quite thoroughly.

The extended life battery which comes with the machine has double the life of ordinary Roomba batteries. This means you have to replace the battery less frequently than batteries on similar machines.

A very useful feature that the 770 has is the scheduling feature with which you can setup the time for cleaning for the entire week - up to 7 times. The machine will start cleaning the floor on its own even if you're not there in the room. An automatic docking system returns the machine to recharge so that it can be ready for the next cleaning session.

Other Specifications

When you purchase the 880 you'll also get a compact home base, remote control, one HEPA filter and two Virtual Wall lighthouses.

What are the Differences Between the Roomba 770 and 880?

Both are excellent cleaning machines which use advanced technology incorporated by Roomba. Both have a scheduling feature with which you can setup convenient time throughout the week for cleaning your room. It also uses the iAdapt responsive navigation technology to navigate around the room without any assistance and claims room more thoroughly. 

They also have automatic docking with home base for recharging between sessions. Roomba has incorporated a special Dirt Detect technology in both machines which enables it to focus on dirtier areas in the room so that it can do more cleaning in that area.

Both these machines also have cliff detection technology so that your machine does not get damaged if it falls down the stairs. It also has a special wall detection technology with which it can sense edges and corners and do a more thorough cleaning in those areas.

There are some important differences between the two machines. While 770 uses HEPA filters, the 880 use advanced AeroForce performance cleaning technology which combines the benefits of AeroForce extractors for an increased airflow and more powerful vacuum. The 880 also has an extended life battery which has double the battery life than the 770.