You are probably wondering exactly how the iRobot Roomba actually works. This amazing little robot vacuum can help your housekeeping efforts tremendously and with almost no effort on your part, which is pretty cool. The following is a detailed review of its wonderful features:

1. Does your floor collect lint, dust and dirt? It wont when you start putting the Roomba's tremendous suction power and rotating brushes to work.

2. Tired of pushing your old heavy vacuum around? You wont have to do that ever again. You can let your little Roomba nagivate itself around your home for optimal cleaning coverage. While it is hard at work you can occupy yourself with more important things.

3. Sick of moving furniture to vacuum under it? Well you wont have to do that anymore either! This little machine will clean right under and around all your furniture. It even does the corners and right along the edges of your walls. Even hard to reach spots are no match for it.

4. Got different types of flooring? You don't ever need to worry because the iRobot Roomba is self-adjusting and will automatically raise or lower itself to clean the different floor surfaces it comes in contact with.

5. Worried about it falling down the stairs? Never fear, this little beauty has sensors built right in that help it avoid stairs or suddent drop offs.

6. Don't want anything complicated? It is very user-friendly, in fact all you need to do is press a simple button and the rest is done automatically.

7. Does the battery last very long? As long as you recharge your Roomba in its base it will have a full 120 minutes to get all its cleaning done before it needs to be charged again.

8. This even allows you to set up 2 virtual walls that will let it know where its limits are. You will finally be able to concentrate on more important things while your floors stay effortlessly clean.

In fact, your iRobot Roomba will even put itself away after it is done with its chores.