I was recently given an iTouch and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am not a huge technology buff and by far am not the first to have the latest gadget. I do not have an I Phone or an I Pad but may be an Apple convert in the future. The iTouch has so much functionality, I am unsure if I will ever learn all of it. Most of all, it is rather easy to use. I have yet to read an instructional manual and am operating, downloading and customizing with ease.

The iTouch is very slim. It can easily fit into a pocket, purse or brief case. I often find myself walking around the office with the iTouch in my pocket, listening to music. The internal speakers are good and you can easily listen without the use of external speakers. Recently we were visiting with another couple on our back deck and the iTouch was in the middle of our patio table. One of our friends asked me to turn down the volume because she was almost screaming during the conversation. The amount of songs available for download is plentiful and the addition of the Beatles was great.

There are so many things you can do with an iTouch. There is a camera, Face time video calling, weather, stocks, and the ability to watch and download videos through You Tube. I am also fond of the notes and voice memos. I need constant reminders and appreciate the convenience of notes. Many people with smart phones have Google maps or gps; since I do not, I like the iTouch's Google maps.

Can you say apps? There is a ton for the iTouch, just like the I Phone and I pad. There are games for all ages from board games such as Monopoly, favorites such as Bejeweled, and Call of Duty. The alarm app and flashlight pro look interesting and the I Touch security feature is a must. The iTouch also has applications for social networking, productivity, reference, travel, sports, news, healthcare, finance, and weather, medical, the possibilities are endless. I also like the GPS feature on the iTouch that allows you to track your iTouch from a computer, after entering a code. After losing two I Pods in the past, I appreciate this feature.

Last, I like how many of the accessories are interchangeable. Some of the skins are good for both the I Touch and I Phone. Best of all, the car charger and AC outlet charger works for the iTouch, iPhone and iPad. I will be saving money in the future on chargers. Thanks Apple!