When we are talking about this giant in the digital industry world of music, then we are talking about a market coverage of 80%. The itunes Music store of this digital media giant has the most genres and songs available today than any other online store out there. Features you will be likely to encounter using this service are music videos, movies, audio books, listen to music with their integrated music player, find out information about your favorite artists and albums, watch television games and television shows.

Digital Rights Management was a real problem that many of us have encountered when buying a song from Apple. Now after so many years of debate the DRM has been removed and every song you will be purchasing from now on can be played on any MP3 player out there. Now that's a big relief! If you have other songs you've purchased before that are still DRM protected, at a small cost you will be able to remove their protection. Songs that apple sells are mostly 0.99$ but rumors say that the price will drop to 0.69$ and also increase to $1.29 in some cases.

The main features of this wonderful service are DRM free digital content, an astonishing 8 million songs library and also the availability of other content like Apps, TV and movies.


When browsing through the 8 millions songs and over 20 genres of music Apple puts out for its customers will we definitely find what you are looking for all the time in given this large number of music files available you are sure to find new favorite bands that you didn't know of before.

Searching is quite a little bit needy to say such. You will have to download iTunes first and then begin the searching process. It is compatible with the majority of Operating Systems. After you have installed the software things can never get easier than that. You have the option of browsing by genres, song names or just use the power search. If you know a song's name, you can go straight ahead for the search box.

Different song formats

Even though now all of the songs you will be able to download are DRM free some are in a different format (AAC at 256 KBps). This is no problem for conversion can be made using the application from Apple. Even though you now have the possibility of downloading DRM free music, it is still not a good thing that you have to pay $0.30 per every DRM removal of your previously downloaded songs.
All things considered, Apple has carved a great market which millions of users worldwide appreciate very much. The fact that the itunes store has so many songs available for download and other digital contents, really makes everyone searching for a complete solution to all of their digital demands and curiosities, happy.