In 2007, iPhone made the smartphone come to the generation of touch screen and helped Apple become the first technology company. Three years later, the release of iPad also created the generation of tablet in consumer electronics. Now, another three years pasted, what will Apple bring to us?


The first rumor of Apple next product is the smart TV that named iTV, but these days, the rumors of iWatch apparently submerge the previous one. However, as the Apple used to do, they will never forwardly leak the information of their products unless they really about to release.


Will they help Apple to start a new revolution? It is too early to say it now. After all, we even don’t sure what the exact functions of them. However, we can see some clues from the leaking photos.


When the first rumor of iTV leaked, it is thought as a product that will redefine television. Only Apple has the treatment that can attract attention even the product don’t released. In the commonly believed rumors that has relatively reliability, this smart television will in the size of 42 to 55 inch with the price from $1500 to $2000. It said that it will equipped a complete transparent glass surface. The build-in of Siri and Facetime is certain so that users will have video chat with the big screen. The iPhone, iPod and iPad no doubt can be the remote controller, which will no doubt increase the user experience.


Of course, the most important is the content of the TV and the way how it introduced. Netfix let the market know the value of transporting teleplay and movie, but the digital service doesn’t include the newest ones, which is more important for users. It is reported that Apple is negotiate with the Hollywood movie companies to provide the service of video streaming. If these news are true, I’d like to say the iTV is met the standard for smart TV. Look at the existing “smart” televisions, the manufactures dare to call them smart once equipped with Android OS.


Even Apple does better work as consumers expected, the iTV is far from an innovation product as people have less and less time in the drawing room. This condition decides the result that it will not be as popular as the previous two. The heat of the rumors on iTV also indicates it.


So, if there is an innovation product, it must be the iWatch. Not like Google, Apple is mean to share the development of this wearable device. The commonly view is that it will has the integration of news, map, GPS, video playing, online FM, etc. The selling point may be based on the iCloud that Apple released last year, which will make the Apple users more convenient among different iOS devices.


Besides these, Apple may have less creative ideas. If there are, why not integrate to iPhone and iPad? So, this smart watch from Apple probably an convenient joint for Apple fan rather than an innovation in consumer electronics.