Fourth month of passive income

April is the fourth month of my online passive income endeavour and this is my second income report. You can find the one for March here.

This income report is broken down into a few sections

  1. Detailed Earnings Report
  2. What I did in April
  3. Goals for May

My goals for April were to:

  • Hit $10 in passive income - exceeded
  • Write 1,000 or more words everyday - 15,000+ words out of 30,000
  • Have a system for backlinking - done, tracking in a simple spreadsheet
  • Read every article in the top 100 - read 20+ !

I didn't write as much as I wanted to in April because of assignments from school but I still hit my small income target so I'm pretty happy.

Detailed earnings report

Here's the breakdown of my income in April:

Passive income:

InfoBarrel - $5.82 adsense (with 7 new articles, running total 73)
Bubblews - $5.84 (16 new articles, total 47)
Niche Sites - $0.57 adsense ($0.37 adsense + $0.20 amazon)
RedGage - $0.25

Non-passive income

I won a 50,000 Korean Won (US$45) gift certificate for a review I wrote on Gmarket ^_^

Total passive earnings: $12.48 (+$6.59 from last month)
Overall earnings: $57.48 if I include the Gmarket certificate

What I did in April

On InfoBarrel

I didn't write much this month except post enough articles to get enough points for the maximum revenue share. The adsense income from IB was higher in April than in March and I think it's mostly because the bulk of my articles in March were posted near the end of the month.

Last month, I set a goal to read all the articles in the top 100 but I didn't manage to complete it. However, I found one of my articles showing up under the Stuff you should read section of an article in the top 100, and I wonder if this contributed to my article's ranking in Google?

IB comments and profile PageRank
Also, I notice comments on IB have do-follow links to the commenter's profile. I've been looking at the PageRank of other IB authors and people with higher PageRanks either have lots of comments, forum posts, or a combination of both. This is just a general observation and there are exceptions, but comments seem to have a greater weight than forum posts and the number of articles written don't seem to matter.

Theoretically, having a higher PageRank for your profile could help your articles (and anything you link to from your profile) rank better so it might be worth taking the time to leave comments on well-written articles instead of just giving it a thumbs up. I thought I discovered something new but it turns out JadeDragon has already written an awesome guide here.

StumbleUpon and views
One of my articles written on the last day of March is still getting a few hits a day from SU after the initial burst of views (probably because it got a few likes on SU from people other than myself). Since SU seems to be working, I will continue to stumble any new articles I write.


My posts on Bubblews are mostly written for backlinks to my IB articles or niche site but they got me $5.84 in April. Other IB'ers seem to be getting a good amount of income from Bubblews so I intend to post more on it in May.

Niche sites

dwarfhamster_ on InstagramCredit: iamsyI mostly "worked on" one of my hamster site. I put that in quotes because I've been participating in a communities related to the niche, answering questions on Yahoo Answers, and posting photos to instagram (like the one on the right). They're creating backlinks, but I have to admit I'm doing this more for fun than to see results. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. The site earned me $0.57 in April and I think it should see more earnings in May.

Just for fun, I also created a blog on targeting a locally searched keyword. The site was put up in about 20 minutes and I linked to an affliate product. I wasn't expecting any results but the site actually got ranked on the first page (!) and I've been getting clicks on affiliate links. No sales yet but we'll see.

Buying articles on Fiverr

Not worth it. I bought from four or five different people but almost all the articles had to be rewritten. One of it I thought was really good until I found out it was plagiarized from another site. The 1-word headings were exactly the same and because it was just one word, the plagiarism checker didn't detect anything. The rest of the content was just paraphrased stuff from the original article. I ended up trashing that and rewriting it from scratch. It was a "top-rated seller with 100% positive ratings too. I too gave the guy a positive rating before I found out he plagiarized the writing and now I can't find the link to change it D:

I should probably stop buying articles until I actually earn $5 from a single article. Oh well, at least I learnt how plagiarism checkers might not be that reliable. Next time I'll be even more careful when I buy an article from anywhere.

Goals for May

  • Earn at least $20 in passive income
    This is double of last month's target but still achievable. I suspect most of it this month will be from Bubblews.
  • Write at least 60 articles on InfoBarrel
    I intend to write 60 1,000-word articles on IB in May. It's already the 7th so I'm a little late. I'll be making a list of titles right after I post this income report!
  • Write at least 100 posts on Bubblews
    This is easy. With only 400 characters per post, it takes me about 5 minutes to write a short one with a backlink to IB or my own sites, or even just a random post about my lunch.
  • Read, comment, and share (on FB, Twitter & G+) at least 30 IB articles
    Great way to find good writing, promote IB's content, and as mentioned above, builds backlinks to my profile too.