Sixth month of passive income

Sixth month of the year and also my sixth month into online passive income. You can find my other income reports here.

The goals for June were to:

  • make $200 in passive income
  • put at least 1 piece of content on all my domains
  • follow the NSD2.0[2]
  • teach my 12-year-old sister how to make $1 in passive income
  • get 31 points on InfoBarrel for max revenue share

I did all of the above except for the first one but that's probably good because it would mean my goals are too easy if I reached all of them :) I also wanted to get out of the Petting Zu on Zujava but I haven't written my 3 articles yet!

Income breakdown for June

InfoBarrel tiers: $10.58 (-$3.98) 
Amazon (from IB): $4.85 (+$4.07)
Amazon (from niche sites): $3.44 (+$3.44)
Niche sites adsense: $21.02 (+$12.16)
Bubblews: $59.07 (+$36.33)

Total passive earnings: $98.96 (+$52.02)

  • 7 new IB articles with a running total of 90. Overall increase due to Amazon sales.
  • For niche sites, first Amazon sales and increase in adsense (yay!)
  • For Bubblews, it was mostly my sister's work. 170 new posts on Bubblews with a running total of 293

What we did in June

Used Bubblews like a social network

This month, I received a lot of help from my sister so it's our income report. She basically treated Bubblews like a social network. Her posts are getting way more likes than mine and she's much better at getting people to reply to her posts too. We think it's really funny this post got the most likes.

Worked on niche sites

Hamster site

Our dwarf hamster site went from second/third page to top 5! It was/is also #1/#2 for some parts of US for its main keyword. We've been making videos, posting on Instagram everyday, building backlinks and whatnot and the rankings have steadily increased over the month.

Niche Site SERP
Credit: Sy

The graph above was generated by a site called Serpfox[1] that lets you check rankings for up to 10 keywords for free.

Hamster chewing up stuffCredit: dwarfhamsterblog.comI'm still looking into better ways to monetize the site. We currently have about 150 visitors a day but only about $10 in total June earnings (lol) with Amazon and Adsense. Since we only got to the top few places in late June, I think we'll be seeing more this month if we maintain our ranking.

I believe there's a lot of potential for the site. We have more than 100 photos on instagram that could be turned into Zazzle (or similar platforms) products. And most of the posts on the site are not product-oriented.

That said, it looks like we're doing a lot of work for not a lot of income. That's probably because building this site is something we would do for free anyway. Because it's fun. We'll just have to make it fun and profitable ^_^

Even if it ends up making only $10 a month (doubtful), I've learnt more about building niche sites with the blog than anything else I've read/done/watched/whatever'ed

Ugly niche sites

Last month, we bought some ugly niche sites that were earning better than our hamster site. Well, the hamster site's earnings have surpassed individual ugly sites this month. However, the ugly sites are still earning despite getting very little traffic. I'm wondering if it might be like this:

ugly site = visitor can't find what they want = clicks on ad to get out of site

That's 100% speculation. The sites are exact-match domains with 4 to 5 informational articles each on obscure (I think) products. I don't really want to share the sites publicly, but if anyone wants to take a look, I'll let you know the URLs if you send me a PM.

Free blogs

We also have 5 blogspot blogs now and we spent an average of 2 hours on each of the blogs. They're all targeting easy keywords with less than 1000 searches and virtually no competition. Only one of the blogs is in the first page for its keywords but others are getting some traffic from long-tail searches. They made $2+ in total in June.

I think these blogs are a great way to test ideas for free. We made two blogs just to see if building backlinks would make a difference. We built a ton of backlinks to one blog and didn't touch the other at all. They were in similar niches with similar search volumes and each had 5 pages of content in the same style.

The one with backlinks got indexed faster and took 1 week to show up in the top 50 for its main keyword, while the one without backlinks took 3 weeks to show up. At the moment, the one with backlinks is also ranking slightly higher for its main keyword.

I feel like I'm supposed to end this section with some sort of conclusion about free blogs and building backlinks but to be honest, I have no idea what to say except we probably need to test more of them. The stuff that we're testing might be really basic but I find it easier to learn when I do something rather than just read about it.

Taught my sister how to make $1

Actually, she made most of the $59.07 on Bubblews. Apart from that, she also learnt:

  • How to do keyword research (some of her Bubblews posts are targeting keywords ^_^)
  • How to create links to Amazon affiliate products and test the links to make sure they work (on one of our niche sites)
  • How to use keywords in titles, headings, and appropriately within the content
  • How to build basic backlinks and interlink her content
  • We also got her a domain for a local niche (which she found) and she's free to do whatever she wants with it. It's even related to school so it's like 2 in 1 if she works on it. She gets to study + build a niche site.

Other random stuff

  • For NSD2.0, I have my keyword and bought a domain but I'm not sure if I should go ahead with it because I've just realized it might not be a good niche to monetize.

Goals for July

July is goal-free. It's my birthday month so I get to do whatever I want :) Not that I'm not going to work on my sites. I'm just working on them freestyle. And I'm going to get out of Zujava's Petting Zu because I told adragast I would do that last month.