A background

March is the third month since I started learning about passive income. Although I have some experience making non-passive money on the internet, I didn't really consider passive income seriously until this year. A couple of years ago in university, I tried eBay and other e-commerce platforms but I had no idea how to outsource so it got really tedious as the income went up. I eventually quit to take up a full-time job in my last 2 semesters of uni. After I graduated, I decided I wasn't interested in working for someone else so I started exploring other options. Right now, I'm taking a post-graduate diploma in Positive Psychology (in my final week!), studying for the N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and learning how to make passive income online.

I've divided this income report into a few sections
On InfoBarrel
Off InfoBarrel
Total in March
Goals for April

On InfoBarrel

Since this is my first income report and there wasn't much in the first two months, I'm combining them into one report here.

I joined InfoBarrel on 14 January 2013 and wrote my first article on the 16th. The bulk of my first month on InfoBarrel was spent reading stuff in the forums. In January, I wrote 6 articles and made 1 cent.

In February, I wanted to write reviews so I tried playing new iPad and iPhone games but that got old really quickly because I had to spend my entire day playing the game and then write the review after. I got sick of playing games after about 1 week. In February, I wrote 7 articles, 6 of which were game reviews and 5 of them got featured in March (yay!). I made 4 cents in February.

Dead Plants in my BalconyCredit: iamsyMarch is the most productive month of the three. Even though I was busy with other stuff for the first half of the month, I managed to put up 53 articles with a little help from my sister and boyfriend, bringing my total on IB to 66. I think I've probably slept less than 5 hours per day since the 17th of March and the plants in my balcony died from neglect too. This is definitely not something I want to do again. I'll probably pace myself for April and write more consistently every day instead of writing like crazy in the last week.

My income from IB this month is $2.67 from ads plus $100 from the contest for a total of $102.67. Since most of the articles were written after the 17th, I'm hoping to see an improvement next month. I notice others seem to be doing much better with their ads and I wonder if I might be doing my keyword research/SEO/whatever wrong?

Stumbling my InfoBarrel articles

I learnt a lot about StumbleUpon (SU) from this thread in the IB forums this month. Before, I was randomly stumbling my articles and getting a few hits each time. claudslewis mentioned that SU serves up your pages based on how much stumbling you do. To test this, I stumbled random pages for a while on SU before submitting my own articles and whenever I'm bored and a few of my articles received 60 - 100 hits from it. I'm going to do even more stumbling on SU this month to see if it increases the number of visitors I get to my articles.

Off InfoBarrel

Niche sites
I bought a few domains over the past few months but haven't had the chance to put a lot of content on them. This is the best month so far with $0.15 from one of my niche sites that's about 2 months old.

I signed up for Bubblews in January but didn't have the chance to track it properly. The total in March was $8.48

Bubblews seems to be a good place to create backlinks. I notice some traffic from them and Bubblews posts seem to be indexed quite quickly. It has been really laggy in March but hopefully it'll get better with the server upgrade.

One thing I noticed in Bubblews was that writers who got a lot of views seem to use a lot of tags as well. I'll be tagging my posts more often to see if it helps.

I found RedGage through someone's blog and started posting links to my IB articles in March. I earned $0.25 for putting my links there and a few visitors came from RedGage too. The links don't seem to get indexed as quickly in Google though. I heard RedGage is better for photos and artwork so maybe I'll upload some of my old stuff from DeviantArt there.

Total in March 2013

Passive income:
Passive from InfoBarrel - $2.67
Bubblews - $8.48/3 = $2.82 (I'll start tracking it properly in April)
Niche sites - $0.15
RedGage - $0.25

Non-passive income:
Contest winnings - $100

Total passive earnings: $5.89
Overall earnings: $105.89

Goals for April 2013

  • Hit $10 in passive earnings
    I think if I continue doing what I'm doing right now, I should be able to hit $10 by the end of April. This is a really small goal but right now, small and reachable goals are what I need to keep me motivated.
  • Write 1,000 or more words everyday
    As I've said earlier, I need to be consistent instead of leaving everything to the last minute. I will write 1,000 words every day for April whether it's for IB, my niche sites or other article writing sites.
  • Have a system for backlinking
    I've been posting to Bubblews and RedGage but I don't have a proper system for creating backlinks. I need to come up with one so I'm not just randomly making backlinks when I feel like it. Otherwise, it's difficult for me to find out what is producing results if I'm backlinking to some but not others.
  • Write better - read every article in the top 100
    I can spew out facts but I don't think they're written in a very interesting manner. I'm not sure what I can do to write better but I can probably start by reading what others have written. In April, I intend to read the top 100 articles in InfoBarrel and hopefully figure out what they're doing that I'm not.