Fifth month of passive income

May is the fifth month I'm doing the passive income thing and this is my third income report. You can find my other income reports on my profile page.

I had a few goals for May, which included writing 60 articles on IB, 100 posts on Bubblews and commenting on 30 IB articles. However, I didn't manage to do any of these! I put up only 10 articles on IB, 76 on Bubblews and I lost track of the commenting. But that's because I've been working on my own sites (and they're starting to see results! :)

I did meet the passive income goal of $20 though and here's the earnings breakdown:

  • InfoBarrel - $14.56 (with 10 new articles, running total of 83)
  • Amazon (from IB) - $0.78
  • Niche sites - $8.86
  • Bubblews - $22.74 (with 76 new articles, running total of 123)

Total passive earnings: $46.94

Thanks to x3xsolxdierx3x, I also made my first affiliate sale, but it would be cheating if I included this above ^^;

I'm really happy with the earnings this month because it's more than double of my goal for May! It's mostly thanks to Bubblews but I'm extremely pleased with the earnings from IB too. Some of the income was from the new articles but more of it was from the ones I wrote before May.

What I did in May

Bought some niches sites 

This was done in the last week of May and they've contributed to some of the earnings above. If the sites continue to earn their historical amounts, I'll recover the costs in about 15 months.

However, I bought the sites mainly to learn more about how they were built so I could (hopefully) replicate the process. These are really ugly niche sites with only a few pages of content, not ranking anywhere, but they're doing much better than my main site. I'm still figuring out why!

Improved monetization of blogspot blog

In March, I created a blog for fun and it got ranked on the first page for its keyword in April. In May, it started ranking for a ton of other related keywords and is jumping between the first few results for quite a number of them. This was really surprising because the site took 20 minutes to put up initially and I've probably spent just about 2 hours on it in total. That's much less than the time I spend researching on and writing a 1000-word article! :x 

I had an affiliate product from Clickbank on it, and it has been getting clicks everyday without sales. This month, I added adsense and it has contributed to some of the earnings reported above!

Built more blogspot blogs to experiment with

I built a few more blogs like the one mentioned above. This was done in the last few days of May so I'm still waiting for them to be completely indexed by Google. I'm also doing this with my sister. She's doesn't have school for the whole of June so we'll be able to work on the blogs together if we need to.

Ichigo the Roborovski HamsterCredit: Sy

Worked on my hamster site

This is probably the one site I've spent the most time on so far but it's not producing enough earnings to justify the effort (yet). However, it's starting to rank for secondary keywords and is somewhere between second and third page for "dwarf hamster". Also, I have plans to turn this into an authority site + other ideas for monetization so there's no rush! And it's been fun to work on even though it isn't earning much right now.

Did a ton of keyword research

I've been getting a lot of ideas for sites and have found some keywords that I think are pretty good. Also bought domains for some of them that I will work on in June.

Goals for June

I don't seem to be able to hit my non-income goals (because I keep finding other stuff more interesting >.>), but I think it's still a great idea to have them as a general guideline for what I should be doing. My goals for June are:

  • $200 in passive income: For the first few months, I've set very small income goals because I wanted to make sure I could reach them. But I think I've gotten the hang of it now and it's time to move on to somewhat larger numbers. This is a huge jump from $46.94 for me but I am going to do it.
  • Put at least 1 piece of content on all my domains: I have more than 5 empty domains waiting for content to be put on them. To make up for my inability to reach non-income goals in the past few months, I shall make this really easy and only aim for 1 piece of content on every domain.
  • Follow along with Pat Flynn's Niche Site Duel 2.0: Aside from having 1 piece of content on the other domains, I'll also be following along the NSD 2.0. I've already done the keyword research and bought a domain for it too! Have also been reading all the posts and podcasts including the ones for the first Niche Site Duel. Can't wait to get started on the site. Is anyone else on IB doing this as well?
  • Teach my sister how to make $1 in passive income: She's 12 and I think there's no better time than now to start learning how to make passive income. She writes well for her age and she seems interested enough so it'll probably be easy. I can't teach her how to make $100 because I haven't done that yet, but $1 shouldn't be a problem. She's starting to learn a bit of keyword research from building the blogspot blogs I mentioned earlier, and we're going to put up some articles on IB on her account in June too. I might get her to follow along with the NSD 2.0 but I think it might be too much work for her, plus she has to go back to school after June.
  • Get 31 points on IB for maximum revenue-share: I've already written most of the articles, just need to finish up and post them!