I'm in love


I suppose, over the years, I have been smitten by a number of, let's call them, "things".  For that is what they are. Master pieces from bygone centuries hold a control over my inner being. They speak to me in different ways - depending on my mood. They nod and wink at me, with different meanings as the years pass.


....it's just a silly mood I'm going through ......


Some songs speak down the years to me. We all remember the songs of our youth. For me, it is The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin..... the list goes on and on. And once you are with friends from the same era, you can drift back and years are wiped away in an instant.


.....yesterday, love was such an easy game to play.........


Some "things" I have fallen in love with stem from pure tactile pleasure. Simple things like "squidgy" balls - again from a bygone époque. Plasticine from my youth - a real boyish pleasure of getting stuck in and doing. Squeezing the plasticine through my fingers, getting it stuck underneath my fingernails, and then smashing the whole construction apart before I had finished ...usually because I was not happy and really frustrated with the finalised or (rather unfinalised) object.


Album covers, that iconic 20th century form of art also have a strong hold over me. I was not a great collector of vinyl (unlike some friends), but vinyl album cover are evocative of a time and place in history. Sergeant Pepper is the classic of its genre. Intelligent, visually appealing, thought-provoking.


All of these things are redolent of past times, of nostalgia, of things that are elusive.


..nostalgia ain't what it used to be!.....


So what "thing" can speak to me like a work of art, stimulate me visually like an album cover, and is as tactile as plasticine?


Of course, there can only be one answer.


Steve Job's chef d'oeuvre. The stand-out iconic  invention of the "naughties".


After that build-up, I bet you already know the answer, even though you may not even have one.


Yes, of course, it is the iPhone.


The iPhone speaks.


The iPhone is tactile.


The iPhone pleases... and then some.


You may have guessed I like the iPhone.


Even the name, with its e.e.cummings playfulness, is eye-catching.


Some what do you do if you have fallen in love with something? Those of a certain disposition, your writer included, write a poem.


Here's mine. Enjoy!


My iPhone








And egress








The forbidden fruit