Indiana Jones is one of those movie characters that defies getting old. He'll be in the hearts of people for generations to come. It's the sense of adventure. The determination. And of course the cool outfit and wildly adventurous accessories. Maybe that's why dressing up like Indy for Halloween is so much fun for kids and adults alike! How do you make a cool Indiana Jones Halloween costume? Follow the steps below to get decked out in adventure style this upcoming trick-or-treat night or for any adventure theme party.  

You'll Need The Adventure Clothing

Indiana Jones Child's Deluxe Indiana Jones Costume, Small
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(price as of Jan 8, 2016)

Deluxe Indiana Jones (child)Every Indiana Jones costume starts with the basics. The clothing makes the man here. I hope you like beige and brown. Because Indiana Jones liked those colors an awful lot. It's the color of the adventurer, and it's Indy's staple look when out in the field. 

If you've got these clothes at home, you've already got a good base to work with. Here's your checklist:

  • A pair of dark khaki pants
  • A light khaki button up shirt
  • An adventurer-style leather jacket (dark brown)
  • A dark brown fedora hat (matching the jacket)
  • Brown walking boots

If you've got these, great! You are well on your way to becoming one of the most famous adventure characters of all time. If not, it can be pricey to buy these bit by bit. Purchasing a costume version might be a better (and less expensive) bet. The child's version above covers the basics (except the shoes), and it's actually an official licensed Indiana Jones costume. It looks the part very well. There are versions for adults too.

Note that many of the costumes feature an attached shirt and jacket. Don't be surprised when you receive it. But for the price, it's a small sacrifice! 

You'll Need The Indy Whip

Rubie's Indiana Jones 6 Leather Whip Costume Accessory
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(price as of Jan 8, 2016)

Indiana Jones 6 foot Costume Leather WhipNo Indiana Jones Halloween costume is complete without the Indy whip. It's perhaps his most famous accessory. And for good reason--the man was a master with the thing. So if you're going out in an Indy costume (or your child is), a whip is a must.

But careful here with small children. This is not a 100% safe Halloween prop. It looks like the real thing and it CAN act like it too. If you're playing with the whip, make sure you do it in a wide open space with a lot of room between you (or your child) and others. 

If you don't have a brown whip sitting around the house (and I'm guessing chance are, you don't), the prop whip above gets raves for its quality, even as a simple Halloween costume whip. It's made of leather and it lasts a surprisingly decent amount of time. It's six feet in length, and it has a braided handle too. It's got the look you want, and it won't break the bank. 

You'll Need The Indiana Jones Gun And Holster

Indiana Jones Belt, Gun and Holster Accessory SetThere's that famous scene in the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark,  where an assassin wielding a sword is approaching him for the kill. He's just a little too fancy for the tastes of Indy, which leads to a very funny one-sided gun showdown. See the video clip below. It's arguably the most famous Indy gun moment in the entire movie series, and the main reason you need a toy gun and holster. It's a great scene to role-play on Halloween night. 

If you or your child already has a toy gun and holster lying around, it very well may work with the Indy look. Especially if the holster is brown to match the rest of the outfit. If not, there are many inexpensive sets available like this official Indiana Jones accessory set above. It has the gun, holster, and even an Indy belt. 

The Most Famous Indiana Jones Gun Scene

You'll Need An Adventure Satchel

Indiana Jones Satchel
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(price as of Jan 8, 2016)

Indiana Jones SatchelIn many ways, the satchel is the most important part of an Indiana Jones Halloween costume, as it's the perfect trick-or-treat bag! It's got lots of space, it matches the character, and it can sit over your shoulder for easy carrying. That's an Indy accessory with real function.

Any tan messenger bag could work here. If you're set, have at it on Halloween night! If not, there are options like the Indy satchel above. It's an official Indy accessory, and it looks mighty rugged. Just the sort of thing Indiana Jones would carry while wearing his adventure outfit. 

You'll Need An Artifact

Indiana Jones Light Up Crystal Skull
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(price as of Jan 8, 2016)

Indiana Jones Light Up Crystal SkullWhat would Indiana Jones be without the rare artifacts he relentlessly chases after? They are as big of a part of the story, as the man himself. So if an Indiana Jones costume is in the works, you should top it off with a famous Indy artifact. 

You can find something around the home that looks old and treasure-like. Maybe an antique candle holder or a rustic metal bowl. Or you can opt for a treasure that he chased in one of the movies. A great one here is the Crystal Skull. It's small and well-remembered, so it'll add to your Indy look without much work at all. The one above is very fun as it lights up in multiple colors, adding to your Halloween fun!

Let The Adventurer Out!

You see an Indiana Jones Halloween costume is not that hard to pull together. Even if you don't have certain costume pieces lying around your home, there are inexpensive solutions available to pull together the look in a heartbeat. This is the type of costume that's a load of fun on Halloween night. Everyone knows Indy, people love him, and he's got so many memorable moments that can be acted out. You or your child is going to have a blast.