Everything you need to know about IPath Footwear skateboard shoes including the history of IPath, cheap IPath shoes, IPath shoe styles and models, IPath Technology, other IPath apparel, and the pro skateboards that rely on IPath Footwear everyday.

IPath Footwear's Skateboard Shoe Styles and Models

IPath Footwear skateboard shoes have had several popular different models of skateboard shoes and boots out on the shelves for years now. Ipath Footwear has long strived to be a leader in unique skateboard shoe styles and models that are known for their comfort and durability. IPath skateboard shoes and boots are all made with the most environmentally friendly materials including organic cotton and hemp. The IPath skateboard shoes are one of a kind and currently there are 12 IPath skateboard shoes on the roster. The current list of IPath skateboard shoes and boots is:

  • IPath 2007
  • Ipath Mantis
  • IPath Gall
  • IPath Burnquist
  • IPath Cats
  • IPath Classics
  • IPath Darius
  • IPath Dayak
  • IPath Grasshopper
  • IPath Locust
  • IPath Reed
  • IPath Shearling

IPath Footwear's Skateboard Shoes Special Features

IPath Footwear has always had a distinct special feature attached to all of their skateboard shoes: The stash pocket. IPath skateboard shoes all feature a stash pocket on the inside of the tongue. With a stash pocket, you can store extra money, loose change, keys, or anything else that's small that you want to conceal in your skateboard shoe.

IPath Footwear also features their own IPath Technology in some models of their skateboard shoes called Coconut Honeycomb Technology. This includes contoured arch support, the Coconut Husk Toe (a green material designed to absorb moisture and sweat), and Honeycomb Heel and ForeFoot Cushion which is a hexagon shaped cushion used to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption. With features like these, IPath skateboard shoes are one of a kind.

Kid's IPath Shoes

Unfortunately, IPath Footwear doesn't currently offer any kid's skateboard shoes. IPath Footwear tends to focus on the young adults while marketing their skateboard shoes. Using strictly green products with their skateboard shoes, young adults are more attracted to them because they feel like they are helping the environment, a trend that seems most popular among the young adult demographic. Perhaps one day IPath Footwear will feature kid's skateboard shoes, but until that day IPath will be losing out on valuable business.

Cheap IPath Shoes

Being that IPath Footwear focuses on using the most environmentally friendly material to produce their skateboard shoes, prices tend to be slightly more than other skateboard shoes. Though IPath is aware of the needs of the customers and have provided several cheap skateboard shoes to choose from that don't require as much material to make.

Cheap IPath shoes can often be found in your local skate shop on the clearance rack. You can also find cheap IPath shoes at online skateboard shoe shops in their sales sections from time to time. Sometimes you can find cheap IPath shoes that are older models from IPath that don't sell as well anymore. The easiest and fastest way to find and buy cheap IPath shoes is by looking online, but if you happen to be at your local skate shop, check the clearance section for some cheap IPath shoes. Cheap IPath shoes are not too hard to find, you just have to know where and how to look for them.

Other IPath Apparel

IPath Footwear became so popular with their unique skateboard shoes that they eventually started making moreapparel. IPath Footwear now includes several different types of skateboard apparel and accessories like IPath handbags, IPath hats, IPath T-shirts, and IPath sweatshirts and hoodies. IPath continues to implement their green and environmentally friendly way of producing quality skateboard apparel while making their clothes and accessories as well. One of the easiest ways to go green today is to start shopping IPath apparel and skateboard shoes.

IPath Footwear Sponsored Skateboarders

IPath Footwear doesn't only provide comfortable, durable skateboard shoes to you. Several professional skateboarders also rely on IPath Footwear to provide them the most durable and comfortable skateboard shoes possible. IPath Footwear currently sponsors the following pro skateboarders for their IPath skateboard shoes:

  • Bob Burnquist
  • Matt Rodriguez
  • Matt Pailes
  • Kenny Reed
  • Fred Gall
  • Sean Gilchrist
  • Nilton Neves
  • Adelmo Jr.
  • Jack Sabback
  • Adam Alfaro
  • Ben Raybourn
  • Aaron "Jaws" Homoki
  • Richie Jackson
  • Danny Dicola

History of IPath Footwear

IPath Footwear skateboard shoes and boots have been a long-time top quality skateboard shoe company in the business since the mid-late 90s. IPath Footwear was founded by Brain Krauss and pro skateboarder Matt Field. IPath Footwear is based out of Torrance, CA; the same city that Lakai Footwear is based out of. IPath Footwear has been providing skateboarders the quality and comfort of the unique IPath skateboard shoes, boots, and sneakers for over a decade.

Though IPath Footwear originally specialized in predominantly hi-top skateboard shoes and boots, they have evolved to more than just skateboard shoes and have moved onto a line of IPath shoes that aren't designed for skateboarding, but rather for comfort. IPath Footwear has gained popularity not only from their quality skateboard shoes and sneakers, but also the sleek new boots and hi-tops specially designed for comfort. Because of their expansion from just skateboard shoes, IPath Footwear was eventually acquired by The Timberland Company, which is a very popular brand known for their quality boots and hi-tops, in 2007. Though IPath Footwear may now have a new parent company, they continue to operate independently as the same old IPath Footwear Company they've always been, and still gear most of their shoes and boots towards skateboarders.

IPath Skateboard Shoes Not For You?

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