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There are many sites that offer a free iphoto download, however there is a catch!  Iphoto is a program that requires a purchase (at least if done legally).  Many people will search through many sites offering a free download for many Mac programs, but the fact is that just doesn't work.  Before you go with iphoto read the information provided about how to get the best deal and if it's right for you.

Iphoto is one of the programs that comes with ilife.  Ilife is a program by apple for apple based computers.  It is now available for PC as well.  Ilife gives you the ability to manage and edit photos, movies, and music.  When you download ilife you get iphoto, imovie, and garageband. 

If you are looking for a photo management system iphoto comes highly recommended.   It allows you to edit your photos and organize them into many different categories.  You can separate photos by events, dates, even faces.  In the 2011 version it will actually find pictures with the same person in it and put them in a file for that person as the subject.  

Users of Mac computers, or anyone even anyone that wants to connect to any other apple smart device need to use iphoto for their photo management system.  It is so easy to take pictures from a raw digital home photo to a edited art piece on your iphone or ipad.  

If you are the type of person who likes to have a hard copy of what your purchasing the simplest  way to get iphoto on to your computer is to buy it from the store.  Pretty much any store that sells electronics will have ilife.  The easiest and most cost effective way is to ORDER IPHOTO ONLINE.   The cheapest I have found is through  You will be looking at about $40-$75 for the '11 edition.  

If you want iphoto right now you can download it on one of the many sites that will come of when googling the term iphoto download.  The deal here is it might say free download but in order to use the new version you will have to pay in order to register the download, and it is usually $20 or more over the amazon cost anyways.  

Apple is continually making huge improvements in their media programs so once you have it i suggest you upgrade anytime the new program comes out.  And with the hard copy you can use it for multiple computers.