October was Outstanding!

In my September Earnings Report, I stated my goal for AdSense on InfoBarrel was $1675.  I blasted that goal out of the water, which I really wasn’t expecting.  I hoped to hit my goal, but figured it would be pretty close.  It wasn’t.  I had my first $2,000 month in AdSense earnings for InfoBarrel. 

Best Daily Total:  My best day, according to AdSense was $98.90 for InfoBarrel.  I cannot complain about being a frog’s hair away from a hundred dollar day, so I won’t.   I had several days that approached the $90 mark, especially the second half of the month.  I hope it continues.  I hoped I would set a single day record for the month, but I fell substantially short. It was still a great month.

Third Week Dip:  Oddly enough, I saw I big surge in week two and a dip in week three.  The last week was great, although the 31st wasn’t stellar by any means.  I expected to have a poor Halloween in terms of earnings, so it wasn’t a surprise.

Cherry Articles:  When it was all said and done, my best article shattered the $200 for the month.  I’ll never complain about that.  I had a second article that performed very well for the month and ended up just over $180.  All told, I had 5 articles that eclipsed the hundred dollar mark.  No new cherry articles this month, but I have my eye on a newer one and hope it breaks out for next month.

Christmas Articles:  I’ve never been big on seasonal articles, but I have a Christmas article that almost hit $70 this month.  I’m hoping it will clear $100 in November, but I’m not sure that will happen.  Only time will tell, I suppose.

Other Stats:  Chitika wasn’t much, but it did represent an additional $100 in earnings.  My Amazon account started out great, but fizzled and ended up at just over $20.  I need to work on getting affiliate sales.  It needs to be a goal of mine.

Other Sites:  I made at least $100 in AdSense on Xomba, HubPages, theinfomine, posturown, and came up a hair short of $100 on Seekyt.  Bukisa was the worst of the batch and I intend to abandon them completely.

Goals for November

Content:  I’ll make sure I get the 90% revenue share, but that’s probably going to be the extent of my content writing.  I am going to try to make a point to add some affiliate links to maximize earnings.

AdSense:  November is often the single best month of the year for writers.  I’m confident that I’ll make great money with my articles again in November.  My goal is to break $2,500 on InfoBarrel.  That means I need to make $483 more this month.  I am going to make some changes to underperforming articles this month and see if I can get a few more to earn good money.  This isn’t going to be easy.

Other Sites:  I’ll post some articles on Seekyt and I might go and try to post some on Xomba again.  I don’t get that site’s direction, but my earnings have always been very strong there.  I’ll post there and hope they don’t go belly up, which in my opinion, is a risk.

New Tips for Writers

Last month, I went over the basics of LSI and tried to put what I wrote a book about into less than 500 words.  I thought long and hard about what tip would help out authors the most.  I’ve given quite a few tips on the one tip thread, but a few need more explanation to really make sense.  I decided to go into methods for manipulating the ads showing on articles.  Luckily, Skeffling made a suggestion when I asked what other things people wanted to see in the tip section.  That suggestion was essentially about ads on IB and how to maximize their potential.

Ads on IB

In terms of InfoBarrel, writers don’t have nearly as much control as they would if they used their own blogs.  That’s okay, as the platform has a fantastic setup for the advertisements.  It’s honestly one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Write Longer and Earn:  You need somewhere in the 550 word range to get the tower ads to show.  That’s the tall block on the left side of the article.  When IB introduced these, my earnings skyrocketed.  I highly suggest that authors make sure their articles are long enough to generate them.  I have a few that I need to adjust to get them, but not that many.

Controlling Ad Types on InfoBarrel:  You can control the types of ads that show on InfoBarrel.  To take charge of your ads from the site, hit my account in the upper right hand corner and then advertising profile highlighted in blue.  Click change to the right of Google AdSense ad type and you can select what shows. The default is text and image, which is preferred by most.  You can choose text only or image only, if you want to experiment.

Controlling Ads Through Google

You can take the ad controls to a whole new level if directly through your AdSense account if you wish.  I’m not well-versed with the new interface, but since the classic view is being retired soon, I guess that should be the focus. 

In the new interface, up near the top of the screen, you’ll see home, my ads, allow and block ads, and performance reports.  Select allow and block ads and you’ll have some options to consider.

To Block URL’s:  If you want to block a URL from displaying your ads, you can.  I actually had my ads somehow show up on a borderline site and blocked them.  Simply click Advertisers URL on the left.  A text box will show up where you can enter the URL of the sites you want to block.

Blocking Ad Categories:  In some cases, it might be advantageous to block certain categories of ads.  Click allow and block ads, and then general categories.  You’ll see the percentage of times each category shows up and the percentage of income each ad category brings in.  Ideally, you want the percentage of income to be equal to or higher than the percentage of ad impressions.  If the income percentage is substantially lower, it might be worth blocking that category.  Just click the box to the right of the green check mark.  Use caution with this one, especially if you are blocking ads relevant to a substantial amount of your content.  I only block one category.  You can repeat this process for sensitive categories as well.

Search or Content Ads:  The debate is on.  I’m sticking with ads for content, since I feel it’s the most logical method.  However, some people have reported an increase when they allow ads for search.  If you want to experiment, simply click allow and block ads up top, then advanced settings on the left.  Under interest based ads preference, you can choose to show interest based or content based ads.  It’s up to you.

Easy On-Page SEO

Why stop with one tip for the month?  I’ve mentioned this a few times on the forum threads, but I’m not sure how many people have seen it or tried to implement it.  On-page SEO is as it sounds – it’s what you do on the page of your article to optimize it for the search engines.  If you read my tip about LSI in last month’s earning report, you have a good head start. 

I’ve made some comments about looking at the future of SEO, not the present, when you write your articles.  While I’m a big advocate of keyword density standards, I realize that the days of overdoing the keywords are on us, and the search engines will only continue to alter what they want.  As a simple solution, I would suggest finding a great set of keywords (probably my focus on next month’s report) and using a very easy method to rank for lower competition keywords.

With this method, you can simply use the keywords in the exact form and order in the very first and very last sentence of the article.  You write (mostly) naturally everywhere between, paying attention to synonyms and LSI words. 

To make sure you don’t go overboard with density, make a list of LSI words, as covered in last month’s report, and appropriate keyword synonyms. For example, you would use cash in some places instead of the word money or inexpensive instead of the word cheap.  Just make sure you use each of the keyword synonyms at least a couple of times in the article and hit any appropriate angles to hit the LSI words.

When possible, interlink your articles.  Never interlink to irrelevant content.  Link only to that which is relevant to the article you are writing.  If possible, make the contextual link using the same keywords you are targeting for the article you link to.  If you’re writing an article targeting cheap four wheelers for sale and you want to link to an article that targeted the keywords off brand youth ATV brands, the contextual link would look like this in the sentence (underlined portion would be the link)

While there are many off brand youth ATV brands, you need to stick with a reliable manufacturer whenever possible.

This topic would be extremely relevant to the article cheap four wheelers and would make perfect sense that any reader would check out the link and read the info on the brands.  The SEO juice, while somewhat minimal in all honesty, is easy enough to attain to justify the time.

For the most part, these are the only parts of on-page SEO you can control on InfoBarrel.

Thanks for taking the time to read my InfoBarrel earnings report.  If you have something you’d like to see on next month’s report, just leave a comment or send me a pm.