August Earnings Were Hot!!

I am making great money with IB.  I’m very happy with the site overall and have been since I started writing here.  I love the tower ads that are shown on longer articles and they seem to have a great conversion rate.  While I cannot give out all the info I’d like to give out, since it violates TOS from the big G, I can accurately give out statistics like earnings.  Here goes.

My Productivity

I wasn’t very active, but I did manage to write 14 articles, including enough holiday articles to get the 90% share for September, 2011.  As usual, I didn’t make a single backlink to any of my content.  I’m not even remotely interested in link farms, but I do sometimes make links from other content sites to my IB articles.  I greatly prefer this method and it has paid off tremendously.  All that said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making links.  I almost never generate links on IB to go to articles on other sites.

My Earnings for August, 2011

When it was all said and done, I broke $1500 in AdSense alone on IB.  Amazon was almost non-existent as far as earnings, and I still haven’t managed to do anything with my Google Affiliate Network account…maybe someday.  Chitika was again in the $100 range.

Neat InfoBarrel Earning Stats

Best Earning Article: My best article earned just over $150.  This article, which I’m not going to name, has been earning in the $100 range for several months.  The spike in earnings was very welcome.

Cherry Articles:  I had a total of seven articles earn over $50 for the month and a few more that were near that amount.  Most people refer to these as “cherry articles” or something similar.  They’re the ones that earn great over and over again.  It’s always the goal to find another cherry article.

Daily Earnings: It was an up and down month.  My worst day for AdSense on InfoBarrel was just under $25, but I also had a few days in the $70 range.  While this isn’t necessarily unusual, the peaks and valleys of my earnings were much more evident.  It was an unusual month for me, but it was very profitable.  It doesn’t take much for math skills to figure out that my average daily earnings were right around $50 on InfoBarrel.

How Many Earned:  Excluding the new additions for August, 251 of my articles earned at least a penny.  This means, after I take out the new additions and those designated as charity articles, I had about 110 articles that didn’t earn a thing.  I’m a little surprised by this, but not shocked by it. 

Article Views:  While I’ve never cared much about views, I did find that my most viewed article was just under 2200 total views for the month.  I know many people will disagree with me on my take with views, but I target topics differently than most people.  I’m perfectly content with writing articles that I know will only garner a handful of views, but have high CTR’s.   You would be shocked if I told you how few views my $150 article had. To my surprise, it doesn’t appear that I had any articles finish up the month without a single view, but there were plenty with only one or two. 

Per Article Averages:  When I take out the recent additions for the month and subtract the charity articles, I find that my average earnings for each article is just over $4.  I cannot wait to see what November and December will have in store for me. 

My Goals for September

Creating Content:  I’m not going to knock myself out creating content. I’ll make sure I do enough to get the 90% revenue share for October, since earnings should be even better.  I cannot wait to see the AdSense reports for November and December this year.  I have some things in the fire that will keep me from spending lots of time on IB articles.

Backlinks:  I’m not going to make much for backlinks (like, none).  Since I’ll probably spend a lot of time building my libraries on some other sites, I may include a few on some of the articles, but only if they are relevant and have to potential to enhance the experience for the reader.  I know people will disagree with me on this, but I think link farms are pretty much useless.

New SEO Tweaks:  I’m going to continue to tinker with my on-page SEO methods.  What I use now works great, but I always try to stay two steps ahead of the game.  Not bragging, but while others saw huge drops post Panda, I’ve seen big increases (after a brief initial drop, which coincided with the 2.0 launch).  I don’t do what works today – I do what I think will work tomorrow.   So far, I’ve been very good at coming up with the right ideas.  Personally, I think many people believe the Big G is catering to authors.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  They cater to those that use their search engines and the people buying their advertising.  What do those people want?  If you can figure that out, you’ll be able to come up with what the future has in store for us authors.

Earning Goals:  My goal is $1600 in AdSense on IB.  I assume I'm make another $100 with Chitika and have no real expectations for making real money with Amazon.  I may do something with GAN yet, but I'm not sure I'll get to it.

Other Goals: This isn’t an InfoBarrel goal, but I would like to build my overall library of online articles.  I feel I have too much riding on this site right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in this platform, but I really want to find some other sites where I can reach something close to the same level of earnings as I do here.  I’d like to expand my earnings beyond writing.  I sell keywords on fiverr and I started selling niche topic keywords on Tenerr.  I have some other things going on that I’d like to explore, including starting up my own site.

My Performance on Additional Sites

I write for Posturown, Seekyt, HubPages, and a few other sites.  I saw a huge boost in earnings on HubPages (which dropped off as of this writing in Early September), which really helped to improve my overall income.  Seekyt has never been a big earner for me, but I tinkered with some new methods on that site.  The low earnings (a little less than a dollar per article) on Seekyt are really more related to the new approach than the site itself.  Posturown was good for me, and I had one article make over $75 there for the month.