September was Stinky

September was a bit stinky for me.  I set a goal last month and fully anticipated making it, but fell short.  Things were looking great halfway through the month, but my ECPM dipped way down for about a week or so.  Even though the month didn’t meet my InfoBarrel expectations, it was a profitable month.  While I cannot share every last detail with you, as it could violate the big G’s terms, I can accurately reveal my overall earnings and some other statistics.  I’d like to share my experience with you.  I’m also going to start adding a new tip each month to my earning reports, which you may or may not find useful, depending on your knowledge.

  • My Productivity

I managed to post nine articles on InfoBarrel.  Not exactly the hardcore stuff dreams are made of, but it all helps.  As noted in my August, 2011 earning report, I am doing things a little differently from an SEO perspective and it seems to have mixed results right now.  I posted a few articles on some other sites as well and mostly just posted on IB to make sure I got max revenue share.  I may post more for October.

  • My Earnings

Down.  I finished up at $1475 in AdSense.  It’s a lot of money to make on the side, but I fell short of my $1600 goal I set.  Things looked great halfway through the month and then tanked.  As I posted on the forums, I suspect I was a victim to all the “free G advertising” ads that dominated my articles, driving down my ECPM and CTR.

Chitika was lukewarm at best and produced another $85 income.  To my surprise, I had some Amazon sales.  I finished up at $22, but could have tripled that.  I had a $798 television set ordered, but the item was then put as out of stock, from what I can gather.  It would have been about $50 that I lost.  Oh well.  I don’t have a single link to Amazon in my articles – I just use the standard integration.

  • Fun Stats

As usual, there are some really interesting statistics that I’d like to share with everyone.  Take a look and see what you think.

Best Day:  I made $73 and some change on one day and it was my best day for AdSense on InfoBarrel.  I had several in the $70 range, which is always a nice number to look at.

Worst Day:  My worst InfoBarrel earning day for AdSense revenue was on 9-11-11.  No surprise given the date.  I finished up at around $28 on that day. 

Traffic Observations:  Saturday continues to be my worst day for traffic and earnings.  I gradually increase a little each day and hit the peak on either Tuesday or Wednesday and then trickle back down.  Traffic was up for the month, but not enough to offset the ECPM dip.

ECPM:  I cannot reveal my ECPM per Google’s TOU (I’m not risking it).  I can tell you that it was about 10% lower this month than in August.  In addition, this was the first time that my IB ECPM was one of the lowest.  Again, I suspect it’s from the week of the unrelated ads.  Oh well.

Best Articles:  I had one make just under $125.  This article (which will not be named) was also my top earner last month.  If I posted how few views it had, you wouldn’t believe me.  All told I had three articles break $100 and one was just a couple of clicks away.  I was surprised by the drop off one off my normally best performing articles suffered.  I am going to tweak this one a bit and hope it breaks the $100 mark again.

  • Goals for October

Productivity:  I’m not going to knock myself out creating content.  I am more concerned with studying my article performance and looking for trends and ways to capitalize on them.  That said, I suspect I’ll post about 15 articles on InfoBarrel this month…maybe more. 

SEO:  I’m always tinkering.  I purchased Market Samurai to add to my arsenal.  After a few days of using it, I can say it’s not my favorite tool of them all, but it’s decent.  I’m working on a way to use both Market Samurai and Wordtracker in conjunction.  Stay tuned for the results in upcoming months.

Money:  I guess it’s all about the money, huh?  Well, maybe not, but it is a driving factor.  Even though I didn’t make my goal for September, I’m bumping it up for October.  My AdSense goal on IB is $1675.  It’s lofty, but very attainable.  I imagine I’ll make $100 give or take $20 from Chitika and some Amazon income will fall into my lap.  I should work on my GAN stuff, but I probably won’t get to it.

  • New Project

I looked into starting my own site, but right now, it’s just not the best time.  I am working on a system for hiring ghostwriters and posting the articles on other sites (I won’t post any ghostwritten articles on IB).  I am taking a very unique approach to this (I think) and trying to thing outside the box a little.  I hired five writers so far and am tweaking everything as we speak. 

  • NEW – Tip of the Month

I’m going to start adding a tip to my income reports.  I think it’s important to give back to the community.  I wanted to come up with something useful for the first one, so I’m going to talk about latent semantic indexing (LSI) and try to put it in very easy to understand terms that anyone can follow.  In case you are wondering, I wrote an ebook on LSI a couple of years ago.  I think it’s important to SEO and writing in general.  This is a very basic way to write LSI friendly articles without using any tools.  I’m going to attempt to take a whole bunch of pages and condense into 500 words or less.

How to LSI’ify

LSI isn’t really an internet term.  It’s been around for decades and predates the internet.  It all boils down to mathematics called singular value decomposition (SVD).  In written text, you are more likely to see certain words that correlate with each other. This is especially important since some words are spelled the same, but have different meanings.  Is an apple a fruit or a brand of computer?  If you use LSI words in your articles, the search engines will know the difference (and the ads will match more appropriately).

If you were to give all the information you knew about a topic you were knowledgeable in, there would be certain things you would be likely to type out for the reader.  In this example, we are going to assume you are writing an article about some type of charity.

LSI words are words that are somewhat related to the main topic.  They are not synonyms.  Think about “charity” carefully.  If you were well-versed on charity and were to sit down and tell someone everything you know about them, what types of words would be likely uttered?  Let’s make a list for illustration purposes.

  • ·         Charitable organization
  • ·         Nonprofit organization
  • ·         Tax deductible
  • ·         Contribution
  • ·         Donate
  • ·         Donation
  • ·         Foundation
  • ·         Fund
  • ·         Fundraising
  • ·         Relief
  • ·         Worthy cause
  • ·         Assistance
  • ·         Financial help
  • ·         Less fortunate

This is quite literally what just entered my mind as I typed.  All of these words are related to the basic theme of “charity.”    

 LSI’ified (yes, I'm just making that word up) articles will generally have most of these words in them, because they all relate to the basic theme of charity.  If you include several of these in your articles and make it pretty natural for the reader, there’s a good chance you’ll rank much better. 

Now, you are not likely just to title an article “charity” and you should think about what you’re writing.  Some other possible words, depending on what type of charity article you were writing would include: hunger, starving, Africa, third world, etc.  Take the title and the basic theme of the article and come up with your lists accordingly.

Personally, I would suggest you type out a quick list, just as I did above for the first several articles you write like this.  It will help you find ways to include them in your articles.  Once you do it a few times, you should be able to think of most of them on the fly.