Why is He So Popular?

Justin Beiber grammy awards

Justin Bieber has become popular for simple reasons, to girls his looks are adorable and his talent for entertaining, not forgetting his hair style and his skill of moving it to the side with a flick of his head, add all of this plus his singing talent makes Justin Bieber the top teen heart-throb of 2011

Justin Bieber from Canada is only 16 years of age and has already released his first book Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story, which is said to be a best-seller. and to be honest to have a book about him at the age of 16 shows enormous amounts of interest and popularity.

ever since he was little he wanted to be a singer, he decided with his mother to upload videos to YouTube of his singing. As his hits started to grow and get around Usher took interest in and endorsed him. and Usher became his mentor and took him under his wings and showed his the ropes.

Justin Biebers journey to fame started from the internet, this allowed fans to engage more in help growing his popularity. instead of the ordinary and typically buying Justin's albums and going to his converts shows. The use products from the internet in the 21st century has given Justin's fans to promote him to the top. They would take personal part in his fame to the top as his fan base grew using social media such as Twitter,  YouTube and FaceNote was it?

Bieber songs are cute some say old-fashioned love songs that is added with modern and catchy beats. the majority of his fan base are teens and little girls. which means that all of his merchandise, cd's posters calendars t shirts etc are all bought with their parents money. but because of his innocent and  handsome looks as well as his clean songs, parents find him as no threat - if anything they find him likable.


Justin's My Word album went to platinum 3 months after it was released

Born 1st March 1994

Some salons are charging $150 to get his hair style

It is said that he is the most Googled celebrity on earth

So whether you see teen girls screaming at the tv, on the phone or a billboard poster you will know exactly why. He is here to stay to entertain them, and probably will reinvent  his looks to suit loyal fan who have followed him. but he is definitely one to look out for.