These cloth diapers can be used as primary night diapers without any problems. Tummy Leakproof Panel prevents leakage for babies sleeping on their tummy. Soaker pads are made from 100% microfiber.  The material has many tiny strands and is environmentally friendly.  It has 40x more absorbent surface than cotton. This means they are soft and easy to clean and dry.

The best thing about the Kawaii diapers is the price/quality ratio. Among all the cloth diapers on the market in value around $15, you can find Kawaii diapers for as little as $8 per piece! On amazon for even less if you buy them in larger quantity.

What is important and what can Kawaii offer you for the price?

  1. They are adjustable! This is probably the best feature for your fast growing baby.
  2. Easy to use and easy disposal
  3. Good elastics - you can use them for a long time
  4. Good fit - comfortable for the baby
  5. Most of them  have a secure back flap to keep the insert contained under the stay-dry lining.  This ensures that the insert will stay secure in the diaper and won’t be touching  baby’s skin.

What are the disadvantages? Of course, you can find better cloth diapers with even better characteristics like for example bumGenius. Nevertheless, kawaii cloth diapers offer everything what should good cloth diapers offer + unbeatable price (even more unbelievable compared to standard diapers)

Do you still doubt if you should buy cloth diapers or not? Most of parents spend more than $4000 in a couple of years, some even more. If you buy cloth diapers that can last for more than a few months, you can literally save thousands of dollars. Most of the cheap diapers are just cheap. They fall apart in the washing machine, leak, come apart after a few uses, but with Kawaii diapers you can be sure with certain level of quality.


Kawaii Baby One-Size Snap Closure Pocket
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(price as of Mar 13, 2016)