These unique shoes pull off edgy and sporty all at once!

Once only a style for punks, goths, skater, and rockers, knee-high sneakers have gone main stream in fashion. Especially for little girls, these sneaker boots are very popular. Their colors, lacing, and cuts are equally sporty and edgy - it's a mix that makes these sneakers one of the more unique shoe styles out there. Want to see? Check out these five very cool knee-high sneakers that the little girls in your life will go gaga over. 

Skechers Kids Shuffles-Star Keepers Sneaker (Little Kid/Big Kid)The majority of these sneaker boots are made by top brands like Converse and Skechers, so the quality is always up there. You'll recognize the style, too - as many of these sneakers follow the lead of the famous Converse Chuck Taylor (a.k.a "Chucks" ) that are more crazy popular now than ever before!

Ready for it? Take a look - these are cool sneakers that make a massive statement!

Skechers Twinkle Toes Lolly Dolly - Silver Metallic

Silver and sequinsed with turquoise accents.

Skechers Kids Shuffles-Lolly Dolly Sneaker (Little Kid/Big Kid)
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(price as of Sep 27, 2015)

One of the most popular of the bunch, this Skechers sneaker is about as cute as cute gets with knee-high sneakers. The material feels like glittery silver due to the sequining all over the boot, and the toe cap is bedazzled with turquoise and silver  gems. It's all brought together with all of the turqouise accents, especially in the interior of the boot and the stripe down the back.

There's a zipper going full down the side so these shoes are easy to put on and take off. And it's topped off with Skechers Twinkle Toes branding and custom heart logo.

 It's totally cute, and a playful choice for the little girl with an edge. It works really well with all sorts of colorful outfits. They come in multiple colors, by the way, including hot pink/purple and black/hot pink!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Extra High Black/Rose

The famous "Chucks", edgier than ever!

You, or someone you know, at some point in life has sported a pair of Chucks. Someone in your family may even have a few low-tops in their closet right now! They are wicked popular, and these Chuck Taylor knee-high sneakers are loved by the kids. 

These, too, are totally cute, but they definitely have a bit more attitude than the Skechers above. The black fabric and sparkly gray laces are off-set with the famous "All Star" branding in rose, along with the sneaker tongue. These also have a side zipper, so they're easy to wear and remove.

If you've got a Converse tradition in your home, these are a must for your little girl! You can bet she'll love the look. 

Skechers Kids Shuffles - Dream Date Sneaker, Silver/Hot Pink

Animal print and gems! How can you not love these sneakers?

Skechers Kids 83762L Shuffles Dream Date
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(price as of Sep 27, 2015)

Another super playful Skechers sneaker, and this one's out there in a crazy fun way! How can you not love a kid's sneaker boot that pulls together silver and black animal print, pink laces, and sequined gems? It's the total package of uber-cool. 

If you've got a little girl that loves pushing the envelope in terms of style, you can't go wrong here. These shoes will no doubt make her eyes go wide with excitement. Like the other Skechers, these too have a full zipper on the side and feature an accent runner on the back (in pink with this one.)

Skechers Kids Shuffles - Star Keepers Sneaker, Black/Hot Pink

Skechers throwing down with black canvas.

Skechers Kids Shuffles-Star Keepers Sneaker (Little Kid/Big Kid)
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(price as of Sep 27, 2015)

You've seen a lot of color from Skecher Kids so far, but here's a pair that sticks closer to its roots! In black canvas, these sneakers have that rocker edge, but the play still shines through. They are sequined in different areas and heart shapes are sewn into the canvas with white thread. And there's a tiny amount of pink accents, just enough to keep the shoe sporty and cute!

It's a more subtle sneaker (as subtle as knee-high sneakers can be that is), but it's got a glam that's unique. Like the others, there's a side zipper (full length) that helps with getting in and out of these shoes. 

Skechers Kids Shuffles - Electric Dreams Boot

More sequinsed fun, with lots of color options!

Skechers Kids Shuffles-Electric Dreams Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid)
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(price as of Sep 27, 2015)

Can you tell sequining is a big thing with kid's sneaker boots? And here's another looker that they'll totally love! These Electric Dreams sneaker boots come in three different cool colors: silver (pictured), gun-metal, and black. They all feature sequining all over to give the boot a glitzy look, and each has a trim color that pops against the main color. 

The toe caps of all of these shoes are also sequined, like other Skecher Kids Twinkle Toes selections. They are toes that twinkle after all! And, these boots also have the full-length side zipper. 

Let The Little Rocker Out!

All of these cool knee-high sneakers have definite attitude. It doesn't matter if they are jet black or animal print, there's an edge here while still being fun and sporty. The little girl in your life - especially if she's a fashion maven in training - will really get a kick out of these kicks! So get ready for the little rocker to come to life!