Big dogs are so much fun to play with on Halloween night. They take to costumes like little kids in many ways. And as walking buddies during trick-or-treat night, they offer a nice amount of safety for the kids in your party. There are a lot of cool large dog Halloween costumes that you can go with, but I've got five of my favorites below that all lean towards the fun and silly side, and not the scary and spooky side. 

Some are great for showing off at a Halloween party, while others are perfect for taking your dog out on the street. Any way you slice it, these are cool costumes for large dogs that'll catch the eyes of all that pass you. And your kids will think it's totally fun too. If you've got a smaller dog around, there are cool small dog costumes too. Here, though, it's all about the big guys. 

The Headless Horseman Dog Rider

Paper Magic Group Dog Riders Headless Horseman Pet Costume
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(price as of Nov 12, 2016)

Dog Riders Headless Horseman CostumeI'm a sucker for these dog riders. It gives your dog the illusion that it's huge! Just a mammoth doggie traipsing down the street with a dressed up jockey on its back. There are normal looking jockies out there, but this one is extra special for Halloween. It's The Headless Horseman. A creature of legend come Halloween night. Here he holds his pumpkin head wide for all to see, and your dog becomes sort of his evil henchman of destruction.

Yeah, it's fun. And it's a great costume to keep your dog's ability to move pretty normal. It straps on around the waist and neck, so nothing covers the legs or head. This makes this dog costume a great one for walking around the neighborhood or for outdoor Halloween parades. Your dog will have full peripheral vision and 100% movement. 

The Velociraptor Dog Costume

Animal Planet PET20109 Raptor Dog Costume, Small
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(price as of Nov 12, 2016)

Animal Planet PET20109 Raptor Dog CostumeA small dog is pictured here, but this costume comes in sizes for large ones too. If dinosaurs are your kid's thing or you're hosting a dinosaur theme party for a Halloween or birthday, there may be no costume more perfect than this raptor dog costume. It's an Animal Planet product, so the quality is good, and--quite honestly--I don't know how not to laugh when I see this pet costume. It's cute, funny, and just a bit absurd!

This is a full body costume, so test how your dog reacts to it before taking any long walks on Halloween night. If your dog takes to it, great! But remember, its peripheral vision will be slightly less, so take care crossing streets or among big groups of people. If you've got a Halloween party at home, this is an excellent one to pull out as a show stopper. 

The Police Dog Halloween Costume

Rubie's Police Dog Pet Costume, X-Large
Amazon Price: $20.99 $17.79 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 12, 2016)

Police Dog Pet CostumeCredit: amazon.comWe've come to my personal favorite for when you want to bring your dog as a walking around buddy for the kids during trick-or-treating. Dressing your pooch up as a police officer is pretty fun no matter what, but when it's like your dog is guarding your kids safety...that's when it becomes over-the-top cute. It's also an excellent choice if your kids have decided to dress up in cop Halloween costumes for Halloween. They'll all be a matching set, and that's a photo opp moment if I've ever heard one. 

This costume does partially cover the legs, but because the arms are short sleeves, your dog still has pretty much normal movement capabilities. And the hat doesn't run parallel to the eyes, so vision should be fine for hitting the streets. But as always, take extra care!

The Triceratops Dog Costume

Animal Planet PET20104 Triceratops Dog Costume, Large
Amazon Price: $12.99 $5.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 12, 2016)

 Animal Planet PET20104 Triceratops DogThis is no normal headpiece. This is a Halloween fashion statement for your pooch. Again, it's an Animal Planet branded design and perfect for a dinosaur theme party too. If your dog is more barrel chested or squat in frame, this is a look that'll work and draw a crowd! It's not as much a look for lean and skinny dogs (like greyhounds), as you know triceratops were as far from that as can be. 

Your dog will have full movement in this Halloween costume, as it's simply a headpiece. But this is definitely one that'll create a few blind spots in terms of vision. If your furry friend is joining you outdoors Halloween night, make sure you take the lead and watch for dangers.

The Star Wars At-At Dog Costume

Star Wars Pet Costume, X-Large, At-At Imperial Walker
Amazon Price: $20.99 $13.54 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 12, 2016)

Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet CostumeWell, if you're a family of sci-fi geeks looking for a show-stopping Halloween costume for your big dog, then you may not have a better choice than this. Your pooch becomes an At-At. Simple as that. And off the wall too. If you've got a lean large dog, the look is awesome.

This is also an excellent pet costume for a Star Wars theme party (obviously), but be careful with any outdoor activity. This costume is really great as an indoor Halloween party eye-catcher, but outdoors, your furry pal will have some constrained movement and a loss of some peripheral vision. 

Remember Safety First On Halloween Night

Large dog Halloween costumes can be a ton of fun, and most pets will take to them really well. It'll make your Halloween season all the more fun for you and your kids. But remember: Safety first in all things. However you dress up your pet on Halloween night, consider how it affects movement and vision. Be the leader when heading outdoors, and keep your pooch safe from harm if the costume you choose affects those things. As long as you are all careful, you'll have a Halloween night that your entire family will remember!