Le Creuset is the world's leading producer of cast iron cookware for example Le Creuset cast iron casserole dishes. Le Creuset was born in France in 1925. Their cast iron cookware is renowned for its high quality and solid design. Cast iron cookware has been popular since they days of the Roman empire.

Le Creuset make great looking cast iron casserole dishes that can be used to create a variety of great tasting dishes like casseroles, stews, pot roasts and delicious homemade soups.

The casserole dishes have a smooth enamel finish which is both durable and hygienic. Therefore everything that you cook in a Le Creuset casserole dish will taste the way you intend. It also means that your cookware will continue to look good for a long time. Often Le Creuset cast iron cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee which shows how confident they are in the quality of their products.

Their cast iron casserole dishes are fired at temperatures of around 840 degrees centigrade. This helps to ensure a perfect enamel glaze finish. They come in a variety of vibrant colors including orange, red and blue.

Le Creuset cast iron cookware can be used over a variety of heat sources including ceramic, induction cookers, gas hobs and even naked flames from a wood fire. The casserole dishes have a wide base which means that heat is distributed evenly. The lid fits on perfectly which keeps flavours locked in. All the cast iron cookware is highly durable. The dishes base is of the same thickness which means that the contents will cook evenly. There are no hot spots where some food can burn.

A Le Creuset casserole dish is not the cheapest option if you are considering new kitchenware. Nor is it the lightest. My mother loves her Le Creuset cookware however she sometimes complains of the weight.

To keep your Le Creuset products in the best condition there are a few points to bear in mind. The cast iron kitchenware retains heat for a long time. So after use, rather than putting items into water straight away it is best to let them cool naturally for a few minutes. This ensures that the cast ironware does not become damaged by changing temperatures too quickly.

Sometimes food becomes stuck to the bottom of your Le Creuset casserole dish. If so, rather than scrubbing to remove it, let it soak for quarter of an hour before cleaning. Washing Le Creuset pots gently helps ensure their longevity.

When cooking food it is easy to mark the enamel of the cookware if you use metal implements. Much better to use wood or specific Le Creuset Silicone Tools. These help to avoid damage to the enamel. If however you do mark your pots using the Le Creuset Cookware cleaner may remove the marks and improve the appearance of the pans.

As a gift this kind of kitchen ware goes down really well. The food my mother makes in her Le Creuset cast iron casserole dishes tastes great.

Picture by kana76.